HCL Technologies Ltd.
 New York, NY


  • Provide Day to day operations support as Level 2 to end users.
  • Deployment of Laptops (Windows 7, 10 OS) to the end users.
  • Provide Pre and Post Migration support for Laptop deployment
  • Provide specialized hardware / software / network problem diagnosis / resolution for customer's end users.
  • Provide onsite hands and feet support for Server and Network related issues.
  • Coordinate and manage relationships with vendors and support groups to have the resolution for any issues that come across during the migration.


  • 5+ years of experience on Field Services and having supported Widows/End user device migrations involving hardware, software, and networks.
  • Disciplined, systematic problem-solving skills required.
  • Hands-on work experience with the following:
  • Windows Operating system (Windows 7, 10)
  • SCCM (Imaging)

Data Migration:

  • Migrate data from existing device to new device
  • Migrate data from Server and One Drive to the local machine.


  • Able to configure VPN at the client PC.
  • Able to troubleshoot VPN related issues

Outlook 2016 (O365):

  • Able to configure Outlook on new machines
  • Able to troubleshoot all client issues including calendar.

Skype for Business:

  • Able to configure, train (end users) and troubleshoot issues.


  • Able to fix application related issues which resulted due to issues on local machines (eg: Browser, Java, Cache etc.…)
  • Able to install and configure application based upon SOPs provided.

MS Office Suite:

  • Able to fix issues around MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint.
  • Internet browsers (e.g. Explorer, Chrome, Firefox)


  • Able to Configure Printers

Mobile Device Support:

  • Able to configure email and other approved applications like iTunes on mobile device like iPhone, iPad, Android.

Other Common Desktop Applications:

  • Able to troubleshoot and fix other common desktop applications Google Chrome, Firefox, Adobe etc.


  • Able to install windows 10 image using USB media or Source Image Server like MDT/SCCM
  • Able to Install or removes hardware/software using supplied installation instructions and tools.
  • Capable of conducting tests of the hardware/ software affected using supplier test procedures and diagnostic tools. Corrects malfunctions. Documents results in accordance with agreed procedures.
  • Manage the repair of desktop equipment through the effective management of third party suppliers.


  • Able to troubleshoot client relates issue, like SCCM agents not communicating with the server, co-ordinate with SCCM team to push the necessary software to the end user systems.
  • Install or removes hardware/software using supplied installation instructions and tools for the applications/software that failed to install through SCCM


  • Able to guide end users to access SharePoint, troubleshoot and co-ordinate with SharePoint support team to resolve end user access related issues.

One Drive:

  • Have knowledge o