Software Infrastructure Engineer
Butterfly Network
 New York, NY

Job Description

Butterfly Network is seeking an experienced Software Engineer to join the Software Infrastructure Engineering team. The Software Engineering Infrastructure team builds important tools that ignite engineering productivity and enable engineers to work effectively to build a full-stack hardware and software system. By working on Software Infrastructure, you will in effect be a force-multiplier, producing impact orders of magnitude greater than you could as an individual contributor. We are looking for candidates who share a passion for learning new skills, understanding and refining complex systems, and supporting our customers, i.e. your new friends, the brilliant engineers of Butterfly! This position is full-time and is based in New York, NY.

If it interests you, we build all of our mobile and device software in a monolithic repository, using Bazel!

  • As part of our team, your core responsibilities will be:
  • Building elegant solutions to common engineering problems.
  • Building tools to improve speed of iteration and code quality.
  • Encouraging best practices throughout software development.
  • Speeding up the software development lifecycle by automating manual tasks and encouraging best practices through effective tooling.
  • Using data-driven approaches to solve the most pressing and important software engineering issues.
  • Using the best modern tools for the job, including Bazel, Ansible, Buildkite, BigQuery, Tableau, and more.
  • Supporting engineering needs related to continuous integration and build systems.