Software Developer III, Inc. New York, NY
We are a growing multi-disciplinary team addressing everyday customer needs through a combination of software engineering, web development, hardware development, and applied research. We are looking for senior software engineers for several teams to lead system design, drive a high technical standard on their respective teams, mentor more junior staff, and craft/ship great code. If this is intriguing, read on.

For apparel and shoes ("softlines"), the convenience, selection, and price benefits of shopping online have yet to be fully realized. Today the online shopper faces challenges on multiple fronts: discovering interesting items in a sea of products, evaluating fit, and assessing cut and other style details.

Our team's ultimate goal is for customers to easily discover items they will like and to get the right size on the first try: across the globe, on laptops and mobile, etc.

Our technical challenges involve hardware engineering, applied science, back-end software engineering, and user interface development. We need to build and use hardware for data capture. We need to develop and apply quantitative algorithms (e.g. machine learning, computer vision) to make recommendations. We need to build software to train models and apply them…at Amazon scale. We need to build beautiful, intuitive, responsive user interfaces that our customers will use to discover items, evaluate fit and style, and refine our understanding of their tastes.

As a member of the team, you can have a huge impact on everything from the functionality we deliver for our customers, to the architecture of our systems, to the algorithms we employ, to the culture we build.

If you are interested and relate to Amazon's Leadership Principles (, please apply: we would love to explore opportunities for you on our team.

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