Senior Resident Economist – The Conference Board China Center for Economics and Business, Beijing

The Conference Board New York, NY
Senior Resident Economist – The Conference Board China Center for Economics and Business, Beijing

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Principal Direct Activities

We are looking for a dynamic and capable Senior Economist to lead our macroeconomic research and engagement program in Beijing. He or she will focus on generating and presenting analytical foresights on the key economic and policy developments shaping the business environment for Conference Board members in China, in Asia regional markets, and globally.

Specifically, he or she will strive to continually improve the China Center's macroeconomics research acumen and product set, and will take the lead in authoring regular notes, reports, commentaries, and presentations on current and anticipated economic, business and policy events in China related to:

* Macroeconomic trends and fluctuations, including business cycle research – short, medium and long-term

* Structural and cyclical growth patterns and dynamics

* Financial market and monetary policy trends and developments

* Consumer markets

* City-level economic dynamics; and importantly,

* How all of the above are impacting, or may impact, Asian economies and the global economy

Based in Beijing, he or she will collaborate with The Conference Board's global economic team to add China perspectives and relevance to global work, and conceptualize how China's economic and policy developments are impacting global and regional dynamics. He or shew will co-lead the development of an economics program for the Asia-Pacific region as a whole, in co-operation with staff in the Singapore office and the global economics team.

Senior Economist will manage a team of two to three Associate Economists and Economists including: an Asia labor markets economist (Singapore); a China consumer markets/city economist (Beijing); and a China geo-economics researcher (New York).

The role will involve several trips to New York and Singapore each year, and regular member visits to Shanghai and elsewhere in China.

Desired Qualifications and Requirements

The Position requires solid economic credentials and relevant experience in deep, quantitative economics research. Candidate should have a strong grasp of macroeconomic developments in China and expertise in several areas of structural economics: finance, labor, industry, trade, productivity, or energy. Candidate should have a strong grasp of and insight into political-economy and economic policy issues and dynamics.

Candidate should be able to connect economic developments to the tangible business planning issues faced by companies – i.e. the outlook for growth and demand, price stability, financial volatilities, policy risks and opportunities, etc.

Candidate should have excellent math, spreadsheet and writing skills and a familiarity with the sources and quality of data. Proficiency in the Windows environment using Microsoft Office products is necessary, especially Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Candidate should be creative, work flexible hours and have the capacity to work in a team environment.

Excellent English writing and presenting skills are essential. Chinese language research proficiency (if not language fluency) is a strong plus.

M.A. Economics preferred. B.A. Economics considered if accompanied by strong substantive working experience in economics.


Please submit resume and cover letter to, HR Generalist/Recruiter