Senior Database Administrator - PostgreSQL

LearnVest New York, NY
LearnVest is redefining the American approach to personal finance. Our planners leverage financial technology to create simple, affordable, realistic plans for anyone who wants to feel confident about their money and optimistic about the future.

Since launching in 2010, LearnVest has been one of the premier financial technology companies in the country, helping thousands of people make progress on their financial goals. LearnVest was acquired by Northwestern Mutual in 2015 and is now scaling its technology and personal finance approach to help millions of people across both the LearnVest and Northwestern Mutual brands.

About the role:

We're looking for data fanatics to join a S.W.A.T. Team of engineers that are responsible for building both LearnVest's and Northwestern Mutual's data infrastructure. We need people who understand data at a granular level – they don't rely on any one tool but rather understand them all, and each of their pros and cons. This is a unique opportunity to build the data strategy and architecture of a Fortune 100 company while sitting 10 feet away from a beer fridge with your dog.

The more boxes you check, the higher the chances of us buying you lunch:

* You know databases inside and out:

* Database Administration experience (PostgreSQL/MySQL, Redshift, Oracle)

* Database concepts – indexes, execution engines, etc

You thrive in any data environment:

* Cloud – we use AWS

* Someone who understands complex data and the challenges of accessing it

* A real bottom-line person, not someone who throws terms like "big data" around because it's popular

* Hadoop or traditional/relational databases make no difference to you

* You dream in code:

* SQL (seriously, SQL – not just SQL queries; impress us). Teach us something new, show us what you've got

* Python

* Scala

* Spark

* You enjoy looking at and solving big picture problems:

* No micromanaging or hand-holding - you like to ask questions and devise a complete solution

* You want to understand the data (not only the pipes) and you can definitely perform some analytics and build dashboards because you like it. Yes really, because you do.

* You love learning new things:

* You know that you don't know enough, and it bothers you that there isn't enough time in the day to learn about the next topic.

* You're up-to-date on new trends in data – you know who's using what to solve various problems and are excited for the next release of your favorite tool

* If you like being thrown in the deep end of the pool, this team's for you.

* You take it personally:

* You don't sleep well at night when you leave work with a question unanswered

* You feel accountable for everything you do and that sense of urgency has been driving you your entire life

* You work hard but play harder:

* You like to have a good time while getting things done

* When we say a "team player" we mean it - you have a crisp high-five and funny stories to tell

* You have your team's back. And the team has yours.

* Sense of humor is a must-ash. (Mustache… Get it? Mustache.)


* Fully stocked snacks, beer fridge, cold brew kegs, frequent catered lunches, company dodgeball team, and whiskey hours

* Tuition reimbursement, commuter plans, and paid time off

* Highly competitive compensation that include base salary plus bonus

* Medical/Dental/Vision plans, Matching 401(k), pension program