Research Analyst
The Block
 New York, NY
Company Intro
Working at The Block is one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling, and challenging experiences you’ll have in your career. We are on the frontier of one of the most thrilling ecosystems in technology and money: cryptocurrency and blockchain.

We provide a “Crypto Simplified” experience for experts and enthusiasts alike by introducing a trusted, accessible brand, and set of products into a thicket of dense, high noise, and often fraudulent sources of information. The Block’s value proposition is built around credible and real-time insight, analysis, news, and information about this fast-moving, complex, and critically important space.

Role Intro
As a Research Analyst at The Block, you will join our Research and Analysis team to produce world-class insights that institutions and corporate executives as well as individuals will be willing to pay for. One day you may write a detailed explainer on zero-knowledge proofs. Another day, you may provide a mapping of a key company's executives.

The Block is a unique company in that it involves multiple exciting lines of business, each with its own technical opportunities and hard problems to solve. The business lines include: media and information at and a subscription media product that will involve payment systems and processing. This breadth of responsibility should be thrilling to an emerging analyst -- those who can challenge themselves across multiple areas.

In addition to your editorial experience, you will be a critical member of the editorial team. You will work hand-in-hand with our Editor-in-Chief, Head of Research, and Head of Analysis to ensure that we are delivering comprehensive reporting to our readers.

You will communicate with the editorial team as well as the entire company in order to ensure we are delivering the best products and experiences to the market. Your ability to synthesize and convey your ideas publicly will be important, as The Block is a high profile organization that receives numerous requests for public appearances, knowledge sharing, and community interaction.

In summary, this is an early stage opportunity that combines aspects of both a technology and media company that together, create a unique company!