Python Developer-Finance/Trading

KP Recruiting Group New York, NY
Job description
The team has an agile approach to software development, preferring rapid, immediate results to heavy process. The team is distributed across New York, Chicago, and Chennai, working closely with the larger Global Markets Technology group globally. Project Background Quartz provides a risk & pricing framework, sales & trading tools, and a middle and back office platform. It is based around a replicated object-store (implemented in C++), and a shared Python-based domain model. By having all the data in a consolidated schema, many previously complex tasks become elementary. Although much of the existing application landscape will be migrated to Quartz, there are many existing systems of record for different financial product types.
The QzTrades team will work with these existing systems of record to ensure that all necessary trading information is presented in a consistent manner. Where the deal is natively entered in Quartz, we will similarly work to ensure consistency in how deals are represented and booked. Consumers which desire to pull out this trading information will be given an API from which they can make requests. The QzTrades platform translates these requests as required to access the correct data and return it to the consumer  abstracting away the complexity of all the different business lines.
Role / Responsibilities / Key objectives The role will be primarily a development role, working with the QzTrades team and the larger Global Markets technology group globally to build out the QzTrades application. This will include:
•Designing and building financial product-agnostic APIs
•Helping to onboard source systems to the platform
•Helping to onboard consumers to the platform
•Building tools for managing, monitoring and supporting the platform
•Working the Quartz Core team to ensure decisions are being made in a manner consistent with the general Quartz strategy
•Analysis and document best practices for booking deals in Quartz, then work with the source systems to implement these recommendations Applications which are already on-boarded to production QzTrades will need to be maintained and improved, so there will be some level of discretionary enhancement and market-driven improvements. 

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