Postdoctoral Fellow

Continuum Health Partners, Inc. New York, NY


The major responsibility of this position is to carry out a research program and defining the identity of specific factors which may be responsible for the activation and progression of disease causing molecular and cellular events in various tissues of mouse models of Marfan syndrome. Supervision of a graduate student and a technician. Monitoring of quality and accuracy of the data and the experiments, maintenance of accurate laboratory records, critical discussions and future experimental planning with the direct supervisor. To gather and interpret data, prepare oral and/or written reports alone and/or in conjunction with others and solve potential problems. After obtaining experimental results, raw data have to be extensively analyzed with respect to previous experiments as well as with repeat of the hypothesis being tested. This analysis is of key importance to discriminate in the event of discrepancies, between experimental artifacts and genuine novel findings. Such an analytical process is in turn essential for designing and effectively implementing future experimental approaches.

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