Mgr,Distribution Store C

The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints New York, NY
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Posting Dates: 07/10/2018 - 08/09/2018

Job Family: Customer Services



This position helps make gospel teachings, resources, or services accessible to all in a simple and affordable way, supporting the mission of the Church.

This position helps make gospel teachings, resources, or services accessible to all in a simple and affordable way. The incumbent is responsible for all aspects of store operations. This position exists to manage a retail/distribution operation which offers authorized garments, temple/ceremonial clothing to endowed members of the Church and the full spectrum of curriculum items. It includes such management functions as: facility and inventory management; personnel supervision and evaluation; sales and merchandising, budget and record management; customer service training and problem resolutions. In addition, the center manager is responsible for overseeing hiring, assigning daily tasks, monitoring performance, employee development and discipline. Responsible for all aspects of store operation.


* Two years post high school education; a minimum of three years' experience in business or retail management or equivalent combination of education and experience

* One year supervisory experience preferred

* Functional understanding of computer applications: Word, Excel, e-mail or related programs

* Familiar with point of sale systems and terminology

* Understanding of Church organization; excellent interpersonal skills (i.e. ability to lead, delegate and direct the work of others) including written and verbal communication skills

* Demonstrated ability with all aspects of merchandising and retail display

* All applicants must be an endowed female with current temple recommend

* Must be familiar with Six Sigma or continuous improvement practices or be willing to attend training in the first year of employment to better understand these principles.


50% Retail Management: Assures that the store is attractively displayed, well presented, that adequate inventory is on the shelf, and proper layout facilitates traffic management; face to face interaction with customers to resolve more critical customer service concerns. Directs all store operations to ensure superior customer service. Implement continuous improvement programs in all areas of responsibility to include stock, merchandising and staff training.

30% Sales Inventory: Assures that inventory on the floor is adequate to meet customer needs by overseeing store operations, using reports, and observation. Reviewing key operating indicators, ensuring profitable operation. Oversees ordering and replenishment to ensure proper in stock levels.

10% Team Management: Responsible to motivate others. Partners with Regional Manager and HR for all employee matters; interviewing, hiring selection, performance appraisals, disciplinary action, training, motivating and encouraging employee growth. Manages relationships with Church Service missionaries and volunteers to provide staffing for the store. Coordinates staffing needs with local Church units.

10% Financial Accountability: Assist in preparing Annual budgets. Project annual sales, expenses, repairs, salaries, and supplies. Monitors all expenditures. Responsible for meeting financial goals for sales, payroll, and expenses.

Worthiness Qualification

Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and currently temple worthy.

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