Junior/Intermediate 3D Developer
 New York, NY
About Us
Threekit is a fast-growing company spearheading the booming 3D configuration-for-ecommerce market, with dozens of international clients from an eclectic blend of industries — from savvy startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.
You may not recognize the Threekit brand by name, but you’ve almost certainly seen our work. Our software has been used on hundreds of websites, video games, and films. Our tech was featured in the recently-released Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) by our client, Industrial Light and Magic (we’ve even been on the long list for Academy Awards).
Job Description
We are expanding our team of 3D developers to meet growing demand for our services - including our online 3D platform Clara.io (with 500,000 registered users), and our ecommerce visualization and configuration tools (ThreeKit.com).
We are looking for someone who loves 3D and who loves to code.
Strong mathematical skills (we believe if you know math you can learn 3D computer graphics.)
Good programming skills
Willingness to learn 3D graphics and JavaScript.
Can work and learn independently
Ability to discuss pros and cons of various algorithm approaches to solving problems.
3D computer graphics experience (professional or hobbyist)
Experience with Unity or Unreal Engine or similar game engines
Experience with Blender, 3DS Max, or Maya or similar 3D editing tools.
WebGL and/or Three.JS experience
You will be working with fellow 3D experts who have a background in high end Hollywood Visual Effects, SIGGRAPH academic research, and video game tools. Our team is also one of the main contributors to the Three.JS JavaScript 3D open source library.
Why join our team?
Your work is front and center - you’ll notice your impact right away, alive on the web, rather than tinkering with small tasks that get buried in a bureaucratic organization. Seize opportunities and watch them pay off.
Be cutting edge - use state-of-the-art machines (with dual-4Ks), wrestle with important problems, and work with a team that includes some of the foremost innovators in 3D technology.
Strike a balance - we keep our professional and technical standards high, but do it in a comfortable work environment with flexible hours, a casual dress-code, and great work-life balance (we draw the line at 40 hours per week).
Looking for a more perfect fit? We have many roles available
We want people of all backgrounds to see themselves represented and included in our work, so we actively seek to diversify our team and bring more voices to the table. All applicants are welcome!