Editorial Assistant, GoodHousekeeping.com

Hearst Newspapers New York, NY
Working directly with the editorial teammanaging one of Hearst Magazine's largest lifestyle sites, GoodHousekeeping.com,the editorial assistant writes and produces content across all the sites' keybeats, oversees and execute SEO-related updates, manages all print relatedproduction demands, organizes and executes all recipe and Test Kitchen-relatedcontent monthly, and manages various editorial administrative tasks.

Key Responsibilities

* Pitchesand writes 1-2 newsy original pieces daily, including slideshows, articles,listicles, infographics and more with a day-of turnaround

* Creates or updates 2-3 service and evergreen galleriesdaily, with direction from senior editors

* Assist with building monthly print stories for Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Redbook and Woman's Day, downloading and optimizingprint images, tracking the publishing schedule and priority print commitmentswith guidance from the site directors

* Organizes and executes all food and recipe contentcoming from the Test Kitchen, including producing 60+ new original recipes fromGood Housekeeping, Country Living and Woman's Day each month

* Assist other web editors with key editorial productiontasks, including building stories, syndicating content, sourcing and optimizingimages, research and fact-checking

* Handles all contract generation and invoicingtracking, filing and submissions for Lifestyle & Design Group of sites

* Attendand cover press previews and other industry events as relevant

DesiredSkills and Experience

* Previousexperience writing lifestyles-related content, either in an internship or in afreelance or full-time position, at a daily website

* Asense of humor and a clear, creative, and technically spotless writing style

* Internetand social media obsessive

* Familiaritywith popular women's interest magazines, websites, blogs and more

* Knowledgeof SEO best practices

* Previousexperience with a content management system and social scheduling tools andtactics