Regional Technical Operations Manager

Fresenius Medical Care New Orleans, LA

Supports FMCNA's mission, vision, core values and customer service philosophy. Adheres to the FMCNA Compliance Program, including following all regulatory and FMS policy requirements. For a defined Region, responsible for supervising the overall operation, condition, maintenance, and repair of all water treatment, physical plant, medical equipment, mechanical/electrical systems in the centralized program so as to ensure safety of the patients as well as the staff operating the equipment. Collaborates with Director of Technical Services to review, create and implement technical and business strategies to ensure desired outcomes within a centralized program. Ensures all decisions, actions and activities of Technical Department Personnel are compliant with company standard operation procedures and with all pertinent local, state and federal regulatory requirements. Oversees OSHA and regulatory compliance related issues ensuring appropriate actions taken to ensure required resolution. Demonstrates pride in the quality of work, regulatory compliance, and the environmental cleanliness of the facilities in the Centralized Technical Program.



* Responsible for driving the FMS culture through values and customer service standards.

* Responsible for outstanding customer service to all external and internal customers.

* Develop and maintains relationships through effective and timely communication.

* Take initiative to respond to, resolve and follow up on customer issues in a timely manner.


* Overall management of Technical Services for one or more Regions. Regions will typically consist of 40 to 100 clinics and 30 to 80 exempt and non-exempt employees.

* Assist Regional Vice President(s) with budgeting for costs related to Technical Services e.g. personnel, maintenance parts, travel and other expenses.

* Works with Regional Vice President(s) to ensure that operational, financial and regulatory requirements associated with Technical Service are met.

* Collaborates with Regional Quality and Education personnel on cross functional initiatives.

* Responsible for management and oversight of financial metrics for one or more Regions i.e. TAP, maintenance parts cost, travel and other expenses.

* Responsible for data integrity for management systems at the regional level e.g. PeopleSoft, Kronos, Service Database.

* Responsible for piloting and implementation of new systems and processes.

* Collaborates with Director of Technical Services to review, create and implement technical and business strategies to ensure desired outcomes within a centralized program.

* Collaborate with the Director of Technical Services to establish operating and financial goals.

* Responsible for the following supervision and oversight activities within centralized technical programs for one or more regions:

* Repair and maintenance activities on water treatment equipment, dialysis equipment, ancillary equipment, test equipment, and the physical plant as recommended by the manufacturer and by procedures established by FMCNA Clinical/Technical services as documented in the FMCNA Policies and Procedures.

* Document all repair and maintenance activity per applicable policies and/or procedures.

* Ensure that technical sections of the Clinical Services Integrated Policy and Procedure manual are current.

* Implement technical policy and procedure changes upon approval from the Governing Body.

* Purchase and maintain inventory of service parts.

* Ensure defective parts with associated RGA and warranty parts are returned in a timely manner.

* Actively support and participate in the Quality Assessment and Process Improvement (QAPI) process.

* Cooperate with facility staff to ensure all regulatory and OSHA requirements are met.

* Perform water/dialysate sample collection and processing per applicable policies and procedures.

* Review, evaluate and report water/dialysate quality results per applicable policies and procedures.

* Maintain and update water system diagrams and valve charts.

* Transport equipment as needed.

* Schedule / oversee Area Technical Operations Managers and/or Technical Supervisors to ensure appropriate coverage for a defined Region according to established criteria.

* Monitor performance metrics and implement processes to impact them.

* Collaborate with the Project Manager on selection of water treatment equipment in DeNovos, relocations and renovations.

* Collaborate with the Project Manager on technical and/or physical plant aspects associated with DeNovos, relocations and renovations.

* Perform Technical Assessments for clinics in assigned area.

* Initiate, monitor and manage external vendor service and/or maintenance agreements/contracts.

* Ensure that applicable manufacturers IFU's are available to personnel.

* Maintain a list of emergency contacts and ensure it is accessible to all facility personnel.

* Collaborate with Operations personnel to ensure integration of Technical Services into acquired facilities.

* Coordinate and provide Technical Services support needed during natural disasters or emergency situations.

* Recruit, interview and hire Area Technical Operations Managers and/or Technical Supervisors.

* Act as a mentor, role model and resource for Technical Services Personnel by setting an example of appropriate behavior, work habits and attitudes towards patients, coworkers and management.

* Train and mentor Technical Supervisors and/or Biomedical Technicians as required.

* Oversee corrective actions and Personnel Improvement Plans (PIP) according to applicable HR policies and procedures.

* Provide ongoing and formal annual performance evaluations to Area Technical Operations Managers and/or Technical Supervisors.

* Retain all technical records and logs according to the FMCNA retention policy.

* Ensure proper training and education for all technical staff.

* Ensure that personnel and training records are maintained per policy and procedure and are accessible to authorized personnel and regulatory agencies.

* Participate in facility audits conducted by the RQM and federal, state or local surveyors preparing and implementing plan of correction for any technical deficiencies identified.

* Coordinate the installation of equipment and implementation of product initiatives and improvements.

* Perform and/or provide assistance with the Direct Patient Care Technical Training Program.

* Perform monthly SAP supply inventory process as required.

* Create SAP requisitions for equipment.

* Ensure that the asset register for 8000 series equipment is maintained based on equipment movement and Finance Department criteria.

* Assist Operations personnel with technical aspects associated with DeNovos, relocations and renovations.

* Ensure that the dialysis machines, water system and mixing equipment is installed, operational and validated per manufactures documentation and FMCNA Policies and Procedures.

* Assists Operations personnel in the review and recommendation of capital equipment purchases.

* Develop and maintain positive working relationships with FMS affiliated physicians, ensuring communication and dissemination of pertinent information as appropriate.

* Work with Operations personnel to address adverse events and product complaints.

* Other duties as assigned.



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