Musselman Lumber New Holland, PA
A Millworker is responsible for door, window, trim, stair and cabinet production. This associate pulls trim orders, mills material for stock and cuts milled material for various applications.

Essential Job Duties:

* Pulls trim orders, consisting of the following: stools, moldings, hardware, locks, doors, exterior jambs, etc.

* Sizes lumber according to specifications for making miscellaneous millwork items, such as mantels, doors, handrails, wooden window frames, cabinets and stair components.

* Mills materials for stock such as bead boards, dental moldings, fill outs, open stairs such as double return treads, single return treads, bull nose, etc.

* Trim, putty, sand, cover, and label milled components.

* Cut components including stringers, wall offsets, pocket cuts, and 45-degree flares.

* Checks the quality of material pulled from stock and manufactured material and assures correct type, amount, dimension, and length, etc

* Assures quality of materials used to produce high quality finished products.

* Checks finished product at time of shipping to verify invoice.

* Assists walk-in customers and drivers with materials needed.

* Keeps machines and work area clean.

* Changes dull saw blades, sanding belts, jointer blades, planer blades and shaper bits, as needed.

* Performs tasks, such as stocking material, cleaning racks, helping in other areas, etc.

* Cross-trained in other areas of the millwork shops.

* Retain an awareness of the work environment critical to the task at hand to produce error free and damage free results.

* Complies with Companys attendance policy by maintaining regular and predictable attendance.

* Other duties as assigned by Management.


* Minimum Education-- High school education or GED.

* Minimum Experience2 or more years experience in milling building materials components.

* Special Skills-Operating machines and tools such as: saws, sanders, air tools, etc. Ability to read tape measure, architectural drawings and blueprints.

* Physical demands include standing and walking for extended periods of time, bending or stooping, regularly lifting 50 pounds and frequently 100 pounds or more, and work in extreme weather conditions. Ability to work overtime.