Maintenance Technician

TS Tech Americas, Inc.
 New Castle, IN

Company Overview:

TS Tech Indianais a leading global automotive tier one supplier with 72 locations in 14 countries. Our commitment to quality has resulted in the organization winning the prestigious JD Powers award for seat quality. We have an immediate need for Maintenance Technician for our New Castle, INfacility. Excellent benefits package, and bonus are available for qualifying candidates.

Position: Maintenance Senior Technician

Qualifications: Minimum two (2) years experience in industrial, commercial, or military maintenance environment. Possess skills in electrical/mechanical troubleshooting and repair of automated equipment. Use and operation of programmable logic controllers, along with writing/installing and troubleshooting ladder logics. Understand and apply the National Electric Code. Two (2) year Technical degree, electrical certificate or license preferred.


Will perform a variety of multi trade functions, such as the installation, maintenance or repair of equipment, machinery, and facility; for the generation, distribution and utilization of electrical energy.

Perform any duties necessary to maintain machinery, equipment, systems or facilities in a state of good, safe working condition, including troubleshooting, repair, installation, remove and replacement, basic design, advanced fabrication, adjustment, rebuilding, welding, etc.

Work involves replacing electrical components, switches, fixtures, wires, fuses, motors, and circuit breakers, as well as making recommendations of suitable substitutes.

Work on transformers, controllers, switching relays and contractors, timers, heating devices, disconnects, thermocouples, solenoid values, lights.

Bend, assemble, hang and run conduit systems; and pull wire for control and electrical power transmission. Write, install and troubleshoot ladder logic.

Rewire machinery to update specifications, punch holes in boxes, assemble electrical panels, locate, diagnose and repair machinery with electrical problems.

Read blueprints, engineering sketches or designs; recognize and interpret details as well as slight variations in objects and use analytical skills.

Perform standard computations relating to load requirements of electrical consumers and size for the proper wire and safety devices.

Must keep accurate written records for the ordering of replacement parts and part quantities. Keep on-hand stock of high usage components identified and maintained.

Regularly inspect and adjust manufacturing equipment as a result of communication with the operators or production supervisors.

Oil, grease, align and assist with cleaning machinery as well as mechanical parts.

Fit bearings, align and synchronize gears, connect belts and chains, replace seals and gaskets and torque fasteners.

Perform tasks relating to the building facility, utilities and outside grounds, when requested.

Run tube, hose or piping, for air, water, gas, steam, hydraulic fluid or process system and have a basic understanding of force related to pressure and workings of a hydraulic power unit.

Work with rigging and scaffolding, using ropes, chains, cables, hoists, jacks and lift trucks to move heavy equipment.

Ability to operate stationary machines and powered hand tools is a must. Will occasionally perform welding and cutting torch operations.

Use precision measuring instruments, and understand how things fit and work together.

Work closely with an engineer on a special project or task, and must be able to effectively communicate on issues such as scope of work, completion schedules, problems, solutions, materials or parts required, etc.

Work will involve examination of machines of various types to diagnose the source of problems, and initiate whatever type of repair is required, and test the equipment.

Support development of 5S, TPM and Kaizen programs.

Ensure safe operations.

Will ensure daily control items align with the company business plan and key objectives/metrics.

All other duties as assigned.

Requires extensive knowledge of Maintenance facilities/equipment practices and procedures.