Operating Engineer

Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ
Institutional Planning and Operations is seeking and operating engineer for the following:

* Under the supervision of Utilities Supervisors, operates and repairs stationary steam boilers and auxiliary boiler equipment in a power plant or high pressure heating plants.

* Performs periodic checks on related stationary equipment (steam/hot water generators) relaying any deficiencies to appropriate supervision if encountered.

* Makes adjustments to valves to control the operation of feed pump governors and pressure control gauges.

* Maintains water in the boiler at required level.

* Checks stationary equipment as assigned and documents conditions in an approved log book.

* Notifies supervision immediately of any problems encountered during checks.

* Maintains work areas in clean, orderly and safe condition and properly uses needed equipment and materials.

* Makes minor, emergency repairs and does the work required to keep equipment in good operating condition.

* Maintains the essential records of the results of systematic readings of temperature, pressure, steam flow and equipment status in log book provided.

* Performs related duties as assigned.

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