Water Engineer In Training

New Braunfels Utilities
 New Braunfels, TX

Position Summary

The Engineer in Training (EIT) is responsible for providing assistance to staff engineers as well as providing engineering expertise to the Water Systems Line of Business, project management, implementing systems design criteria, hydraulic modeling, NBU standards, master plans, and plan reviews.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities


-Monitor status of ongoing projects, ensuring contracts and Purchase Orders are issued prior to work authorization

-Schedule outages to ensure in-service equipment can be taken out of service with minimal risk to the larger Water and Wastewater System

-Manage change order requests, ensuring change orders are executed prior to work authorization


- Under the direction of staff engineers, perform engineering design calculations for various water and sewer projects designed by NBU

- Under the direction of staff engineers, produce construction plans and specifications

- Review engineering documents of consulting engineers for adherence to federal, state, and local standards

- Under the direction of staff engineers, complete Engineers Opinion of Probable Cost for capital projects

- Under the direction of staff engineers, run simulations using hydraulic models

- Work with NBU Real Estate Services department on engineering requirements for securing required easements and permits, and easement encroachment and abandonment applications


- Manage diverse project teams to accomplish project scope, schedule, quality, and budget

- Prepare Earned Value workbooks to track project performance with respect to schedule and budget

- Prepare various project management documents including: Project Charters, Project Plans, Authorizations for Expenditures, schedules, budgets

- Coordinate with consulting engineers, contractors, and other NBU divisions regarding project status, Requests for Information, change orders or other issues

- Coordinate project communication and visit job sites as needed

- Provide regular updates on scope, schedule, quality, and budget of all projects


- Review plans submitted by developers for compliance with NBU's Water Systems Connection and Construction Policy, all applicable regulations, and systems availability and capacity

- Meet with developers during planning stage regarding water & sewer capacity and feasibility for service

- Under the direction of staff engineers, perform calculations and modeling to determine pressure/flow, capacity data, and all other water and wastewater system characteristics related to service. Identify required system improvements to serve proposed developments

- Under the direction of staff engineers, create exhibits and figures of the water and sewer system for developers and consulting engineers

- Perform preliminary and final plat review with respect to water and sewer availability and future system needs

- Assist NBU water system inspectors in working with developers on issues involving NBU's Water Systems Connection and Construction Policy and plans approved for construction

- Conduct site visits to observe developers when necessary


- Under the direction of staff engineers, provide design, analysis, troubleshooting, and other engineering services for the Water Services Line of Business

- Under the direction of staff engineers, analyze system/operations issues and design solutions

- Maintain the Water Systems Connection and Construction Policy

- Develop design alternatives and recommendations based on technical considerations and cost/benefit analysis


- Exercise sounds problem solving and judgment

- Possess and utilize technical skills capable of analyzing numerous choices and alternatives, and determining the best overall solution

- Explore creative and innovate ways of performing tasks and solving problems

- Under the direction of staff engineers, gather and assimilate complex technical information on NBU’s water and wastewater systems and assemble into concise professional reports, drawings, and presentations which illustrate any necessary changes to the current infrastructure

- Maintain regular attendance; leave schedule should be managed so as to not interfere with ability to accomplish tasks, including special projects and assignments with deadlines

- Adhere to NBU safety guidelines and practices at all times and in all situations

- Maintain a clean and safe work area, office, field site and vehicle as applicable

- Develop & maintain effective customer service skills for communications with co-workers, customers and the public in general

- Maintain strict confidentiality of business, employee and customer information in written and oral communications and safeguard sensitive documents

- Adhere to NBU policies and procedures

- Participate in and support initiatives to reach annual NBU Performance Measures

- Exemplify NBU Core Values of Integrity, Customer Focus, Respect for Others and Safety

- Shows initiative-takes ownership of work, does what is needed without being asked, follows through

- Establishes priorities and multi-tasks so that assigned duties are completed under pressures of time constraints and deadlines

- Adapt and respond well to change; manages pressure effectively and copes with setbacks and changes in priorities

- Demonstrates effective oral and written communication skills with peers, employees, superiors, and appropriate entities

- Ability to deal effectively with matters of a highly visible and confidential nature when applicable

- Conversations are kept on matters related to NBU business so as to maximize efficiency and productivity

- Shows evidence of clear analytical thinking; gets to the heart of complex problems/issues; applies own expertise effectively

- Open to new ideas and experiences; seeks out learning opportunities; supports and drives organizational change

- Seeks opportunities for self-development and career advancement

- Goes out of the way to be helpful and pleasant to internal and external customers

- Supports others and shows respect and positive regard for them; works effectively with individuals, groups, and customers via positive interpersonal skills.

- Successfully persuades and influences others

- Focuses on customer satisfaction and delivers a quality service or product to the agreed standards

- Resolves conflict by applying expert knowledge of customer or employee situations to identify disparities and recommend sound solutions

- Helpful, respectful, approachable, and team oriented; builds strong relationships and a positive work environment

- Demonstrates receptivity to new ideas and approaches and adapts with flexibility to accommodate any changes in priorities, circumstances or schedule

- Is receptive to feedback, willing to learn


-Research new equipment, hardware, and materials in the market

-Work with vendors and consultants to acquire quotes for new equipment and materials

-Prepare proposals for purchase of new equipment or materials

-Update NBU construction standards & material specifications

-Attend industry conferences to maintain knowledge


-Research and propose effective use of equipment used by several departments

-Coordinate project timelines with other departments to ensure a timely project completion

-Provide status updates on all assigned responsibilities for multi-department projects

Formal Education and Work Experience Requirements

Degree/Diploma Obtained: Bachelors

Work Experience Time Frame: One Year or More Field of Study: Engineering General

Other: Engineer in Training certification from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers or ability to acquire within 90 days

Certification and Licensures Requirements

Engineer in Training certification from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Other Minimum Qualifications

- Accredited Civil, Mechanical, or Environmental Engineering degree is required.

- One year or more of experience in the review, design, or construction of water and/or wastewater systems is required. Experience gained in a municipal setting is preferred.

- Familiarity with basic computer software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Access, and PowerPoint is required.

- Familiarity with engineering computer software such as AutoCAD, water and wastewater modeling, and GIS is required.

- A valid Texas Driver’s License is required to operate a company vehicle when necessary.

- Flexibility in available hours, including holidays, weekends, and/or after hours, is required.