Assistant Sales Manager
 New Braunfels, TX


Manages Sales Team to obtain maximum store growth. Creates a customer experience resulting in complete customer satisfaction while meeting guidelines set forth in this job description. Assures that store achieves sales, financing & customer service guidelines. Creates an inspirational, fun & productive culture that results in turnover of less than 50% annually.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Occasionally, the SSM / MIT will be asked and expected to perform various, miscellaneous, and non- standard duties as required. Such duties are diversified in nature and may be changed from time to time to suit the needs of the company.


  • Responsible for their teams written volume meeting or exceeding Budget on a monthly basis.
  • Exceed a minimum of $45,000 in individual sales.
  • Team meets or exceeds sales volume goal as assigned.
  • Staff meets or exceeds a minimum of 6% of Montage Sales volume.
  • MIT meet and exceed personal Montage Sales volume of 6% each month.
  • Delivery charges are a minimum of 5.25% of sales volume for the month.
  • MIT meet or exceed personal delivery charge sales volume of 5.25% minimum for the month
  • Team Mattress Sales are at least 15% of total volume.
  • MIT meet or exceed personal mattress sales volume of 15% minimum for the month
  • Meets or exceeds essential sales that are at least 4% of volume.
  • Any sale with a discount has a manager's signature.
  • Sales with discounts greater than 5% must have a Regional exception code
  • Meets or exceeds closing ratio of 25% minimum for the month.
  • Must maintain at least 11% Applications to Opportunities for themselves and their team(s).


  • Molds the environment of the showroom by modeling the company's values.
  • Responsible for implementation and execution of all programs and practices to sales team.
  • Performs effective terminations after progressive coaching methods have been employed and the Store Manager and Area Manager notified.
  • 95% of “In-store Checklist“ items are satisfactory or better.
  • Responsible for ESP planning and coaching process of 3 sales team members as outlined in the ESP SOP.
  • Any other duties as assigned and/or needed.

Inventory & Systems

  • Becomes a Power User of our systems within One year of employment.
  • Maintains 0 sales that are older than 12 months that are not paid in full.
  • All financed sales have tax and delivery unless the promotion is different or signed off.
  • Maintains 0 sales older than 6 months that are not PIF or approved financing with at least 25% deposit.
  • Ensures all cancellations are Voided the same day they are cancelled by the customer.


  • Leads Weekly, Monday & Saturday Morning Sales & Training Meetings in a manner that inspires and causes retention.
  • Participates in all PS new-hire training.
  • Insures monthly training calendar for the next month approved and sent to the Area Mgr. by the 28th of the previous month.
  • Responsible for personal self-development and learning through internal/ external courses and reading.
  • Participates in New Hire Training
  • Conducts weekly DTM Training
  • Conducts BMC and MBWA Checklist as needed
  • Maintain Extreme Success Planning Process
  • Conducts one sales clinic a quarter

Recruiting / Hiring

  • Responsible for Sales staffing levels - actively recruits for all positions and meets or exceeds minimum staffing levels.
  • Insures personality profile is used on all sales, clerical & mgmt. people as part of the recruiting process.
  • Responsible for all new-hire paperwork to be immediately processed through the Human Resources Manager.
  • Conducts 1st interviews in support of Manager for all associates.


  • Reports or repairs all showroom maintenance issues.
  • Reports or repairs all furniture damage or malfunctions.
  • Responsible for the overall appearance and presentation of the store both interior and exterior.
  • Communicates to the sales staff what is new on the floor or has been removed.
  • Distributes to the sales team available merchandise report each Friday.
  • Responsible for the overall integrity of showroom inventory.


  • Overtime is managed to zero except for salaried and commissioned staff.
  • Responsible for bank deposit accuracy and timely deposits in the Store Managers absence.

Customer Service

  • Responsible for all relations with customers.
  • Must approve all cancellations, returns and refunds - in conjunction with Store Manager and Merchandise Manager.
  • The Sales Manager is represented as the highest authority in customer service issues in the Store Managers absence.


The Sales Manager will possess:

  • At least five years' experience in a big box retail management with a track record in retail or commissioned sales.
  • A college background in business, marketing or related areas is preferable, but not mandatory.
  • Must have professional appearance, excellent interpersonal and verbal communications skills.

Physical Requirements:

  • An associate must meet the essential physical requirements to accommodate the functions of this job.
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
  • While performing the duties of this job, the associate will be required to lift & move products in excess of 30 lbs.
  • This job requires substantial amounts of walking and standing.

Reports to: Store Manager