Transmission Project Manager Principal (Project Risk Facilitator)

American Electic Power New Albany, OH
Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY: Program/Project Risk:

This position is responsible for planning, managing and coordinating the risk and opportunity management process for AEP Transmission Project Management. The position serves as a liaison between the project management team and the project stakeholders. The position is responsible for developing and maintaining the AEP Transmission project risk and opportunity management process plan and aiding Project Teams in integrating risk management into all PM managed projects. The position will ensure risk management activities are performed and associated deliverables are developed in accordance with the risk management plan and established processes.

Additionally, this position is responsible to work with estimating to implement Monte Carlo simulation to determine the appropriate project contingency based on estimate uncertainty.


1. Proactively works with project teams to identify, document and prioritize project risks based on potential impact and likelihood.

2. Leads project teams in developing creative/alternative solutions to mitigate risks and satisfactorily address issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.

3. Communicates key project risks and risk-mitigation plans to help ensure that projects achieve objectives.

4. Work directly with project management leadership, team members and functional counterparts to facilitate industry standard risk analysis and risk management processes, identify acceptable levels of risk, and establish roles and responsibilities with regards to risk management.

5. Facilitates the risk assessment process, including: communicating risk assessment timelines, tracking and escalating completion status, providing status reporting, providing guidance on how assessments should be completed

6. Gathers and documents common project risk categories, historical occurrences and typical impacts across the transmission capital project portfolio.

7. Communicate and present concisely and effectively based on the appropriate level of management

8. Solves complex technical problems by providing leadership for developing project plans and their implementation

9. Facilitate and participate in risk and opportunity related lessons learned sessions for the project and for project management.

10. Develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation, and presentations.

11. Lead process improvement activities, participating in risk assessment special projects and other risk related activities as assigned.

12. Provide leadership, direction, and guidance regarding project risk to employees working on assigned project.

Additional Information:

1. Provide effective leadership, team building and meeting management as outlined in PMBOK and the AEP leadership competencies and values. Demonstrate a very high level of ability, motivation, and attitude in leading a team and a project to successful conclusion.

2. Effective and compelling communication, including the use of effective listening, with all stakeholders including team members, sponsors, management and senior management.

3. Apply economic analysis techniques and business acumen in project decision making and ensure alignment of project and company financial goals.

4. Influence the Engineering & Design, Procurement, Contracting, Estimating, and Construction procedures and processes to optimize a project. Ensure project teams utilize the latest Transmission guidelines and requirements. Identify opportunities for business process improvement across projects and drive implementation.

5. Apply working knowledge of PMBOK Project Management tools and techniques.

6. Provide strategic thinking, planning, risk assessment and prioritization of project activities. Globally view the project from all angles such as safety, constructability, sequence, changing conditions, continTranscies, contractual, predictability, level of priority, sense of direction and sense of productivity to quickly identify and to avoid or to mitigate project risks. Demonstrates very sound decision making practices.

7. Provide organization of project activities, delegate project task assignments, confidently set team requirements and expectations, manage deliverables and hold team members accountable. Provide constructive feedback to project team members.

8. Effectively prioritize and manage conflict to provide solutions to issues that maximize synergies with an overriding goal to do the "right thing" for the company. Take timely independent action and offer recommendations to management for resolution of elevated issues.

9. Proficient and highly effective in contract development and management especially skilled in allocating risk between owner and contractor within terms of the contract. Leverage and build relationships with contractors in developing program level procurement.

10. Act with integrity by demonstrating accountability for project assignments.

11. Seek input from Subject Matter Experts by asking the right questions, understanding the nuance, clarifying and validating information, and not relying on one's own knowledge base or assumptions. Sensitize experts to influences they have on the project key parameters of project budget, scope, schedule and risk.

12. Evaluate and determine the skill sets and capabilities of team members then make recommendations and/or provide constructive feedback to ensure project success.

13. Strong interpersonal and oral/written communication skills with the ability to build relationships at all levels

14. Strong business and technical analysis, logic and project management skills.

15. Proficient in scope management, utilization of risk balanced technical options, and project risk management.