Experienced Home Care Staffing Coordinator/Specialist -Needham, MA

Humana Inc. Needham, MA

The Scheduling Specialist is responsible for carrying out the day to day paraprofessional scheduling and general office functions of the branch. Dependent on the size of the branch,


Scheduling Specialist may be responsible for part or all of the following:

* Ensures that requests for homecare service are filled promptly , and scheduled into computer in a timely manner

* Ensure that homecare schedules are complete and accurate in computer

* Reviews Santrax records daily to ensure that all staff are at clients as scheduled. Follows up immediately on any discrepancies.

* Reviews all scheduled homecare daily in preparation for payroll, and billing approvals by manager

* Reports any client or staff issues to supervisor promptly

* May participate in administrative on call backed up by professional staff for client/family issues

Required Qualifications

* High School Diploma

* Proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications, including Word and Excel

* Home Care scheduling experience

* Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

* Working knowledge of computers, or a demonstrated technical aptitude and an ability to quickly learn new systems

* Bilingual English/Spanish

Preferred Qualifications

Associate's or Bachelor's Degree preferred

Additional Information

Scheduled Weekly Hours