STEM Prep Academy
 Nashville, TN
STEM Prep Academy Vision:
Graduates of STEM Prep will become persistent and steadfast problem-solvers, active leaders in the community, and highly engaged and empathetic citizens of the world.  By cultivating a community of learning and academic excellence, STEM Prep will bolster the number of underrepresented students who graduate from the most competitive postsecondary programs and universities in the country and lead the discoveries and innovations of the future.

What you need to know about STEM:
STEM Preparatory Academy is a public charter school that serves over one thousand students in grades 5-12. The STEM Prep student body is made up of a unique, highly diverse population from Southeast Nashville. We have one of the highest percentage of Hispanic and Latino students in the state and serve nearly half of the highest-poverty neighborhoods in Nashville. Roughly 80% of STEM Prep students have been classified as English Learners during their academic career.

STEM Prep is among the highest performing public middle schools in Tennessee. STEM has been recognized as a Reward School by the state of Tennessee for performing in the top 5% of schools in the state for progress and growth. Since our inception, students have consistently outperformed their peers in both the district and state in every subject area and 100% of our graduating seniors were accepted into college. 

What You'll Do:

  • Assist the Special Education Teacher and General Education teacher in instruction for scholars with developmental disabilities in the classroom
  • Provide 1-on-1 support to scholars in a classroom setting
  • Provide intense monitoring of student behavior as indicated on the student’s Individual Educational Program (IEP) and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
  • Facilitate communication, promote independence, and increase the social, academic, and self-help skills of students
  • Support specified students during unstructured times throughout the school day (i.e. transitions)
  • Participate in Special Education/Student Supports meetings and Team meetings as needed
  • Uphold other periodic responsibilities requested by the School Team, such as providing Student Supports testing coverage and any other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor's degree preferred.
  • Experience working with children required.
  • Experience working with children with special needs required.
  • A commitment and belief that all children can, want to, and will succeed.
  • A commitment to STEM Preparatory Academy and its values; an understanding of STEM Preparatory Academy’s mission and unwavering commitment to fulfill it.
  • A self-starter interested in working in a fast-paced, startup environment that requires flexible roles.
  • A high level of personal integrity and professionalism.
  • A capacity to motivate and lead in order to yield the highest academic performance possible from all students.
  • Openness to receive feedback on issues that will facilitate growth and achievement of both students and faculty.
  • A team-oriented approach and the ability to effectively communicate.

  • Salary for this position is based on experience and comparable to MNPS.
Perks of being a Charger!
·       Free coffee—always stocked!
·       24 hour/7 day access to building and track
·       Unlimited copies with copy machines that staple and hole-punch
·       Provided school supplies and decorations for your classroom at the beginning of the year
·       A projector and document camera in every classroom
·       A school issued laptop to use for the school year
·       Instructional coaching and frequent professional development to help you achieve student outcomes
·       Multiple lunches, breakfasts, and dinners provided throughout the school year
·       Teacher salary is 10% higher than MNPS!
·       Great benefits including vision, dental, medical, and life
·       Assistance with personal financial planning and retirement savings
·       Provided curriculum for math, science, reading, and composition teachers
·       Staff outings
·       Ample number of breaks in accordance to the school calendar
·       Generous maternity/paternity leave
·       Protective school leaders and administrative staff when it comes to dealing with uncooperative parties
·       Referral bonuses up to $1,000 for recruiting teammates
·       Stipends for presenting at a local, regional, or national conference
·       Tuition reimbursement for hard-to-staff positions