Biopharma Technician

Aegis Sciences Nashville, TN
The BioPharma Technician is responsible for sample receipt and accessioning within the laboratory. He or she receives samples, confirming the integrity of the 'chain of custody' and other receiving criteria, and prepares samples for further processing. Some of the duties include:

* Log specimens into Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or manual logs ensuring accurate demographic and testing request entry

* Maintain positive specimen identification through the use of barcodes and 'Chain of Custody' procedures

* Batch specimens for initial or downstream requested testing and facilitate delivery to appropriate laboratory sections

* Store specimens per storage requirements allowing for ease of location of samples post-initial testing

* Comply with all laboratory safety and quality procedures and requirements, including GCP and FDA requirements

* Disposal of specimens: Verify samples/specimens for discard through manual processes and follow safety procedures

The Successful candidate will have:

Bachelor's degree in Biology, Molecular Biology, or related field required

Relevant laboratory experience strongly preferred