Receiving Clerk
Noble House Hotels and Resorts
 Naples, FL



POSITION: Receiving Clerk

REPORTS TO: Purchasing Manager


Responsible to receive and document all goods and materials ordered by the Purchasing Agent. The Receiving Clerk will refuse and document items not on the original P.O., damaged or items that have passed their expiry date.



  • Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies/service procedures/standards.
  • Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment. Use equipment only as intended.
  • Anticipate guests' needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, however busy and whatever time of day.
  • Maintain positive guest relations at all times.
  • Resolve guest complaints, ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation and organization of assigned work areas.
  • Maintain complete knowledge of property management system and manual procedures.
  • Set up and organize work station with designated supplies, forms and resource materials; report shortages to supervisor.
  • Post Receiving Hours.
  • Assist Storeroom Clerks.
  • Organize and review Purchase Orders.
  • Check and review Food Order.
  • Maintain and Clear Dock Area.
  • Maintain Traffic Flow of Dock Area.
  • Record all deliveries received.
  • Log: Beverage, Food, and Supply Items.
  • Handle Discrepancies/Return Goods.
  • Complete Discrepancy Forms for the following: Goods received without invoices, Goods returned without a credit note, Notice of error correction.
  • Write Credit Memo when refusing an item.
  • Follow Partial Shipment Procedure, if applicable.
  • Receive: Items, Beverages, Food Products, Dry Goods, Chemicals, and Major Equipment.
  • Distribute Food Products.
  • Update Price Comparison Sheet.
  • Complete Daily Work.
  • Maintain Log Book.
  • MUST be able to lift 50 lbs