Agronomy Field Manager

Mainscape, Inc. Naples, FL
A management position dedicated to obtaining industry best results through implementation of “Best Management Practices” as they relate to fertilization and pest control. Perform horticultural applications, train on proper techniques, and schedule personnel time according to acreage demands for lawn, tree/shrub/ palm applications and IPM in those markets.

Efficient scheduling- responsible for creating and directing a monthly schedule of applications to be performed. The schedule to be shared with other management personnel for coordination and understanding.
Ordering of material/product- must have sq ft per property to drive ordering decisions mindful of space limitations and unproductive trips to obtain product.
Communication- responsible for creating and managing monthly calendar to direct team and other team leaders. Recommend calls be made to operation managers when performing services on their sites.
Personnel management- include forecasting personnel needs, recruiting, hiring, and training industry best candidates.
Production goals- works diligently with the branch manager in obtaining monthly production goals. Forecast revenue based on work orders available.
Warehouse- ensures BMP standards of cleanliness are being adhered to daily. Responsible for organization of equipment and products. Oversees proper disposal of all pesticide/fertilizer residue and containers.
Equipment- ensures accurate forecasting of equipment needs. Orders common spare parts for various pieces of equipment used. Ensures equipment is fully operable, functional, and clean.
Equipment calibration- ensures all equipment is calibrated to deliver products at the proper rate.
Leadership- provides a positive progressive attitude towards job function. Embraces “BMP’s” as the Mainscape standard. Works cohesively with other branch management to deliver industry best performance.
Quality- ensures quality performance by riding/visiting with technicians as they perform their daily functions.
Training- works closely with the Technical manager and Branch manager to train upon and implement industry best management practices. Responsible for safety/weekly meetings to ensure a strategic direction is in place.
Problem solving- utilizes soil/water sampling where needed to better address specific issues in the field. Attends trade shows/technical shows for professional enrichment