1st shift Warehouse & Distribution Clerk- Olthoff
ADAC Automotive Career Opportunities
 Muskegon, MI

Requisition Number: WAREH01588

  1. Record start and stop of jobs in Ultipro
  2. Stretch per guidelines prior to start up.
  3. Prepare freight accordingly.
    1. Wrap and band skids.
    2. Attach packing slips according to customer requirements.
    3. Attach destination labels.
  4. Prior to loading, the trailer is to be secured to the dock through Dock Lock Procedure.
    1. Procedure must be filled out by both the driver and the loader prior to loading.
    2. Verify trailer is properly aligned to the dock.
    3. Push dock locking lever downward to secure trailer. If green light blinks, trailer is secure and a red light is blinking outside of the dock to alert the driver. If a green light does not blink, the trailer is not secure.
  5. Load freight onto truck and offload all returnables.
  6. Complete all paperwork and bills of lading.
    1. Record time it takes to move returnables on returnable paperwork.
    2. Sign driver’s paperwork verifying that we received product.
    3. Transpose customer numbers to ADAC numbers from returnable dunnage receipt onto shipping checklist.
    4. Sign driver’s manifest.
    5. Record arrival and departing times.
    6. Record appropriate Late Sheet for any drivers who do not meet window time.
    7. Verify driver’s trailer number by initialing bill of lading.
    8. Punch out bill of lading in time clock.
    9. File bill of lading in appropriate area.
  7. Unload and locate all new products.
    1. Write the audit date on all skids
    2. Use location book and refer to easel before locating product.
    3. Stack and rotate product appropriately.
    4. Complete New Location sheet for all product which has no home.
  8. Pull orders.
    1. Use pick list to pull appropriate products and quantities.
    2. Complete pick list paperwork correctly, including comment section.
    3. Compare line feed numbers on pick list to finished good labels and make appropriate corrections where necessary.
    4. Place two (2) destination labels on all cartons and skids.
    5. Record appropriate information on Hot Board for any order which is short and check the transaction history in MAPICS.