NHC HomeCare Murfreesboro, TN


The entry level HomeCare Coder provides remote assignment and sequencing of medical diagnosis codes for OASIS.

Line of Authority:

Director of Coding Education and Compliance, HomeCare; Director of HomeCare Services


* Two years of experience in Homecare required

* Certification in professional or medical billing diagnosis coding of ICD-9-CM required

* Certification or formal training and education in ICD-10-CM diagnosis coding highly preferred

Performance Requirements:

* Microsoft Excel experience

* Typing and data entry proficiency

* Web-based application experience

* ICD-9-CM diagnosis coding proficiency

* ICD-10-CM introduction and education preferred

* Lifting and transferring of tools of the trade and travel supplies as needed

* Able to carry out fine motor skills with manual dexterity

* Able to sit for extended periods of time

* Able to see and hear adequately in order to respond to auditory and visual requests

* Able to speak in clear, concise voice in order to communicate adequately

* Able to read, write, and follow written orders

* Must have reliable personal transportation and the ability to travel as needed

Specific Responsibilities:

* Responsible for participating in the pre-lock abstraction of relevant medical information for the assignment and sequencing of diagnosis codes by remote review of home health agency records and provided other clinical historical records.

* Accurately interprets and applies HomeCare policy and procedure, as well as regulatory rules and guidelines pertaining to diagnosis coding and sequencing.

* Accurately assigns, sequences, data enters, diagnoses codes with a minimum of 95% accuracy within the required completion time frame.

* Is required to maintain an average daily quota as assigned.

* Guides HomeCare staff in following HomeCare policy and procedure, Official Coding Guidelines and related M items.

* Reports any discovered medical diagnoses coding errors or noncompliance with stated policy, rules, guidelines and other NHC coding processes to Director of Coding Education and Compliance or other appropriate Regional or Corporate clinical support staff.

* Accurately maintains electronic files and logs of all completed Diagnoses and Coding Forms, as well as accurately maintains original records of all received supporting documentation for the indicated time frame.

* Effectively communicates all requests for additional or clarification of information to the appropriate agency.

* Seeks opportunities to increase knowledge base and broaden expertise and keeps professional credentials current.

* Supports and assists other HomeCare Administrative or Regional personnel as needed.

* Performs other duties as assigned by Director of Coding Education and Compliance and/or Director of HomeCare Services/ Vice President of HomeCare.

Position Based in NHC's Corporate Office, Murfreesboro, Tennessee