Dealer Dice

Boyd Gaming, Inc. Mulvane, KS
Job Specifications

* Must be at least 21 years of age.

* Six (6) months of prior experience or dealer's school strongly preferred.

* Maintain current knowledge of applicable company policies and gaming regulations.

* Must have excellent customer skills.

* Must be able to stand for extended periods of time for majority of shift.

* Must be able to bend and reach across gaming table.

* Must be able to use hands to deal and collect playing cards.

* Must be able to obtain/maintain any necessary licenses and/or certifications.

Deal assigned games in an accurate manner while providing outstanding customer service.

Job Functions

* Deal craps according to rules of the game and company policies and procedures.

* Exchange cash for proper amounts of chips.

* Comprehend and retain gaming regulations and company procedures.

* Record information on written gaming documents.

* Calculate spots on dice.

* Compute payable odds to pay winning bets quickly and accurately.

* Separate (cut) gaming chips into specific amounts to pay winning players and collect losing bets.

* Inform customers regarding rules of game.

* Ensure wagers are placed before dice are thrown.

* Complete any required forms, records, and documents.