Step Up! Closer Connections Liaison

Advent Group Ministries
 Mountain View, CA

DEPARTMENT: Step Up! Outpatient



REPORTS TO: Clinical Program Director


The purpose of this position is to insure that clients receive the alcohol and drug treatment necessary to be more successful in school.The specific role of this staff is to enhance the attendance rate of clients who are experiencing problems attending treatment sessions.


  • Reports to Step Up staff, school staff and placement agents as needed (phone calls, meetings)
  • Facilitates parenting education and provides support to family in transporting client to school and treatment and home
  • Daily one-on- one contact with clients, weekly contact with family
  • Become familiar with and implement best practices for enhancing treatment attendance
  • Transport clients to and from school as needed
  • Participates in treatment, staffing, and committee meetings as assigned
  • Designs treatment plans ,documents all phone calls to clients and parents, activities[ in and out of the classroom and duringtreatment], and reviews client progress
  • Records mileage log daily and turns in monthly.
  • Schedule and log time in classrooms and client's names and interface with teachers on their lesson plans to prepare for clientsupport services.
  • Tracks information for Outcome measures turns the information in to the Q&A Director in a timely manner meeting deadlines
  • Attends work-related conferences and seminars.
  • Coordinate with Step UP! Staff to help clients to attend educational opportunities, individual and group counseling andcounseling for parents and other significant relationships.
  • Maintain client documentation according to CFR 42, Section 2
  • Ensure the contact is maintained in a clean, safe, sanitary and alcohol and drug-free environment.
  • Obtains permission prior to implementing major decisions that affect the operation of the Step Up! Program.

Age Limitation: Minimum age is 21 years.

Citizenship Requirement: Pursuant to the law, a person must be either a US citizen, a permanent resident alien or meet the provisions ofSection D of Annex 1603 of the North American Free Trade Agreement to engage in business activities at a professional level.

Felony Disqualification: Persons convicted of a felony are not eligible to be appointed to positions of this class.

Background Investigation: Pursuant to the law, persons shall be fingerprinted prior to work in a facility, and shall be subject to abackground investigation by Community Care Licensing and the FBI. Persons who have previously been subjected to this in Advent willnot undergo any further investigation of this type.

Medical Requirement: Persons shall undergo a medical examination to determine that he or she can perform the essential functions ofthe job safely and effectively