Fine Blanking Set-Up / Operator

Sko-Die, a TMA member company, is seeking a Fine Blanking Set-up / Operator to add to our team in Morton Grove, IL.

Job Functions:

* With some instruction, ability to set up and run multiple fine blanking dies.

* Starts press and observes operation to detect misalignment or malfunction.

* Inspects work pieces for conformance to specifications, visually or using gauges or templates.

* Operate a deburring machine.

* Completes daily press TPM sheets, cleans and lubricates presses.

* (May) Move parts from one storage location to another using a fork lift truck or a pallet mover.

* Communicates with coworkers and supervisors to receive instructions and coordinate activities.

* Inspects and measures parts to maintain critical areas on statistical process control charts.

* Inputs labor into the data collection terminals.

* Work safely in a manufacturing environment.

Job Requirements:

* Requires a minimum of a High School education with a minimum of 5 years' experience in operating fine blanking machinery.

* Near acuity and accommodation are required for reading machine dial gauges, blueprints, and precision measuring instruments used in the inspection of parts.

* Ability to monitor machine sounds to identify and diagnose changes in order to take appropriate action.

SKO-DIE is an outsource manufacturing specialist located in Morton Grove, Illinois. We specialize in supplying custom steel laminations and heavy gauge metal stampings; supporting manufacturers from initial product development into full production.

Our products are used in a variety of industries and applications - where we excel in providing manufacturing results at all phases of the product life cycle.