Respiratory Therapist - Full-Time - Days
Copley Hospital
 Morrisville, VT


Performs all aspects of Respiratory Therapy. Performs Simple Spirometry, EKGs, Infant hearing screening and arterial puncture and capillary collection for blood gas determination. Supports respiratory related nursing in-service programs. May be trained for PFT, Pulmonary Stress Test, EEG and and or NCV. May participate in the Cardiac and or Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs.


• Cardiac and or Pulmonary Rehabilitation equipment management, including sharing in the daily and weekly cleaning, and identifying needs for biomed evaluation. Helps identify new equipment needs.

• Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II program: demonstrates the ability to set up telemetry for monitoring, take and document patient BP, PRE, and HR. Ability to interpret basic cardiac arrhythmias via the telemetry system. Assess patient response to exercise progression. Provide basic education regarding the CR program including THR, Blood pressure management, Cardiac signs and symptoms, medication usage and stress management.

• Pulmonary Rehabilitation patient care evaluation: accurately and timely assesses new patients referred to the program. Assists in establishing new patient exercise prescriptions and educational needs. Provides timely modification to exercise progression for safe and effective therapy. Includes assessment of patient response to exercise, to progressions in the exercise program, in use of supplemental oxygen, patients' medication use status, and impact of co-morbidities on the rehab program. Documents appropriately. Communicates these as necessary and appropriate to other team members and or the appropriate physician.

• Pulmonary Rehabilitation patient care documentation: Utilizes the CPR computer system to document all necessary patient care and response parameters in the medical record. Provides appropriate assessment and planning in the record, and follows these as established by other team members or physicians.

• Pulmonary Rehabilitation patient charge capture and entry: Determines the appropriate patient charge based on chargemaster and service provided. Follows established procedure for charge entry including timeliness.

• Cardiac and or Pulmonary Rehabilitation maintenance program activities: Independently manages all maintenance program requirements, including attendance, payment management, safe supervision of exercising patients, vital signs capture and management if needed, physician communications, time management. Participates in cleaning and safety management of equipment.

• Pulmonary Rehabilitation patient education: Provides accurate individual and group education to patients regarding appropriate pulmonary function, use of supplemental oxygen and or responses to the program. Educates patients in use of prescribed pulmonary medications and inhalers. Teaches appropriate pacing and breathing techniques. Assesses patient understanding and follow through on these instructions.

• Assess prescribed therapy and goals* Conduct therapeutic procedures to maintain airway and/or improve ventilation and oxygenation* If trained provides PFT, Pulmonary Stress Test, EEG and or NCV.

• Participate in developing respiratory care plans* Participates in departmental in-service and competency programs* Collect and evaluate clinical information* Evaluate and monitor patients' responses to therapy.

• Performs in-service training and orientation for nursing in respiratory related areas* Perform preventive maintenance on ventilators, blood gas analyzers and other departmental equipment.

• Explain planned therapy and goals to patient* Recommend modifications to prescribed procedures* Review and verify orders in patient record* Pulmonary Rehabilitation team functions: participates fully in the multidisciplinary team process, including clear verbal and written communications regarding patient responses to exercise, use of medications and or oxygen, symptoms, and any other information required to maintain full team knowledge of the patient's status.

• Cardiac and or Pulmonary Rehabilitation: may assist in orienting and training new staff to the programs.

• Develops departmental in-service and competency programs* Pulmonary Rehabilitation patient care functions: accurately and timely obtains pre, during and post exercise vitals including HR, RR, SaO2, blood pressure. Obtains appropriate exertion scales. Documents as needed in the computer system. Safely operates and instructs in use of all exercise equipment. Can independently manage up to 3 exercising patients simultaneously, following approved program progressions and education for each.

• Responds appropriately to all codes and other medical emergencies.


  • Associate Degree or certification equivalent.
  • One year in a tertiary care hospital facility is desired.
  • Licensed in Vermont as an RCP, RRT within one year of employment. BLS.
  • Ability to function timely and effectively under stress. Must be able to perform all routine functions within 3 months of employment or orientation to the service or function. Requires manual dexterity for essentially all tasks. Requires visual and auditory acuity. Must be able to perform computer functions needed to support normal departmental operations. Equipment: Requires competence with neonatal and adult invasive and non-invasive ventilators, oxygen analyzers, laryngoscope, humidifiers, nebulizers, oxygen regulators, flow meters, oxygen delivery systems, incentive spirometers, mechanical percussors, various monitors, EKG and Infant Audiology instruments. Additional skill and equipment requirements for Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation: Standard and automatic blood pressure systems, full use of computer system for documentation and telemetry monitoring, and exercise equipment. Participation in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation requires knowledge and skills in monitoring, evaluation and training patients in CPR lifestyle changes.