Tool Engineer

Shively Bros. Moraine, OH


Full time Engineer required in supporting the manufacturing operations.


1. Act as the single point of contact to resolve tool-related or tool-impacted problems in manufacturing

2. Coordinate plant resources as required to resolve safety, quality, through put or cost issues related to tooling

3. Generate and implement cost savings ideas to reduce tool cost/pc and/or reduce overall manufacturing cost

4. Work with Commodity Manager Customer Service Rep to ensure abnormal tool use issues and tool availability does not interrupt production

5. Manage weekly tooling spend against a variable piece cost budget

6. Perform and document tool trials using GMPT tool test forms and PPCR

7. Revise/update tool drawings and documentation as required.

8. Develop new systems to recondition and re-use tooling where economically feasible

9. Attend regularly scheduled operations and team problem solving meetings

10. Support manufacturing in the resolution of machining/tooling related issues such as high manufacturing costs, scrap rates and low production rates due to tooling related issues

11. Support cross functional teams to achieve overall plant metrics

12. Recommend optimized machining processes and cutting parameters

13. Introduce new technology and improved tooling designs

14. Provide year over year Cost per Piece reduction plans

15. Coordinate with preset team on proper tool setup techniques

16. Maintain PFEP

17. Utilize PFEP & Top Spend Data to initiate savings projects

18. Utilize ACD process accordingly

19. Adhere to customer safety requirements

20. Adhere to customer tool test procedures

21. Complete required cost savings/tool test documentation

22. Report and document non-conformances, CARs and continuous improvements

23. Maintains safety and good housekeeping standards for the site

24. Make decisions within limits of general standards or procedures.

25. Report near misses and incidents to site manager and cooperate with investigations.

26. Adhere to customer tool test procedures

27. Other duties as assigned


1. Good written and oral communication skills.

2. Ability to work with little to no supervision.

3. Good interpersonal skills.

4. Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)

5. Ability to multitask.

6. Ability to stand or sit for long periods of time.

7. Attention to detail


Engineering Degree

5 years of experience preferred