Electronic Integrated systems Mechanic

Department of Defense Montgomery, AL
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This National Guard position is for a ELECTRONIC INTEGRATED SYSTEMS MECHANIC, Position Description Number D2240and is part of the AL 187TH Fighter Wing, National Guard.

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ALABAMA AIR NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED: This is an excepted service position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the Alabama Air National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted service position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Applicants who are not currently a member of the Alabama Air National Guard must be eligible for immediate membership and employment in the Alabama Air National Guard in the military grade listed in this announcement.

This position works within an Air National Guard Aviation Wing, Maintenance Group, Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, Avionics Element, Avionics Shop, Communications/Navigation/ECM, or Guidance and Control shop. It is an Air National dual status technician position that requires military membership, compatible military skill assignment and classification. The primary purpose of this position is to install, modify, overhaul, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, align, calibrate, and rebuild multi-system avionics complexes consisting of multiple completely integrated electronic avionics systems where the complex accomplishes a number of major functions. The worker in this career field must demonstrate the ability to perform on- or off-equipment maintenance on one or more complete electronic integrated systems associated with the assigned aircraft and/or maintenance on automatic flight control systems, instrument systems, inertial and radar navigation systems.

EXCEPTED POSITION: Alabama Air National Guard membership required.




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AREA 1: All permanent Alabama Air National Guard civilian excepted technicians currently employed.

AREA 2: All drill status/M-day personnel in the Alabama Air National Guard.

AREA 3: All U.S. citizens or individuals eligible for membership in the Alabama Air National Guard.

As a ELECTRONIC INTEGRATED SYSTEMS MECHANIC, WG-2610-13, you will perform the following duties:

1. Performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on one or more multi-complex electronic integrated systems. Completes operational checks, inspections, tests, trouble shooting, removal and replacement of Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) which are linked with integrated systems and LRUs which are independent or associated with nonintegrated systems. Isolates unusual malfunctions using technical orders, schematics, wiring diagrams, tools, and test equipment including automatic test equipment and Flight Line Test Systems (FLTS).

2. Reviews and analyzes maintenance data; determines if criteria are sufficient to provide adequate test, troubleshooting and repair procedures; devises and recommends tests, procedural changes, or data corrections. Aligns, adjusts, and performs final calibrations on integrated systems to determine successful repairs. Analyzes equipment failure and malfunctions and suggests changes to improve operation. Monitors the operation of complex, interrelated systems, analyzes operating trends, proposes preventative maintenance down time to assure continued operating capability, and recommends components for overhaul or engineering evaluation for disposal.

3. Troubleshoots operational malfunctions and analyzes system performance utilizing aircrew debrief data, Technical Orders, schematic and wiring diagrams, engineering drawings, data analysis, common and system-specific test equipment and built in system tests. Performs on and off-equipment maintenance on systems such as automatic flight control, instruments, communication, navigation, and inertial navigation.

4. May upload and download chaff/flare dispensers. This hazardous task may involve the inspection, storage and handling of explosive devices; to include flares, chaff, impulse cartridges and similar items. Conducts on-the-job training on assigned systems and related support equipment and tasks to include classroom instruction as necessary.

Performs other duties as assigned.


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2610 Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic

* Requirements

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* National Guard Membership is required.

* Males born after 31 December 1959 must be registered for Selective Service.

* Federal employment suitability as determined by a background investigation.

* May be required to successfully complete a probationary period.

* Participation in direct deposit is mandatory.



Compatible military grade and assignment required prior to the effective date of placement. This is an excepted service position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the Alabama Air National Guard. Applicants who are not currently a member of the Alabama Air National Guard must be eligible for immediate membership. If you are not sure you are eligible for military membership, please contact an Alabama Air National Guard recruiter at 800-864-6264 prior to applying for this position.

Military Requirements: Military skill set is determined by AFSC requirements. Upon selection, individuals must be assigned to a compatible military AFSC in accordance with statutes and National Guard Bureau regulations and must obtain/maintain all requirements of the AFSC. Specific requirements are found in: references listed below, NGB Compatibility tables and your local Personnel section.

Military Grade: Only applicants within the military grade listed below will be considered.

Maximum Military Rank: SSgt Individuals exceeding the maximum military grade are required to submit a letter along with resume agreeing to a military demotion if selected. This Statement of Understanding is required for basic qualification.

Compatible Military Assignments: 2A071, 2A271, 2A272, 2A273, 2A374, 2A375, 2A871, 2A872, 2A971, 2A972, 2A973

* Other Requirements: For positions requiring the operation of motor vehicles, candidates must have a valid state driver's license.

EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: Each applicant must fully substantiate (in his/her own words) that he/she meets the requirements of the Specialized Experience listed below: Otherwise, the applicant will be considered unqualified for this position. DO NOT COPY THE VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT OR THE POSITION DESCRIPTION.

GENERAL EXPERIENCE: Experience or training which demonstrates the ability to use and maintain electronic and electrical equipment, components, and ability to perform repairs and testing. Candidates must have knowledge of standard troubleshooting techniques in order to troubleshoot for common recurring kinds of defects.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have at least 12 months of specialized experiences working as an Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic, WG-2610-12, and must possess the craftsman level of knowledge and skills to inspect, test, troubleshoot, repair and modify software controlled automated and manually controlled test stations, electronic circuit maintenance pods, peripherals, support equipment and associated subsystems. Experiences involved working at stations to repair and maintain all avionics line-replaceable units and pods. Skilled in analyzing performance results, running tests, inspecting, troubleshooting, identifying and isolating malfunctions. Experienced in how to disassemble, modify or repair and reassemble test stations or electronic circuit maintenance pods and their associated peripherals. Skills include the ability to consider the complex inter-related variables arising from a mix of computer hardware and software, stimulus and measurement systems, and special purpose test subsystems. Experienced in analyzing malfunctions using schematics, logic and wiring diagrams, programming tables, computer program flow charts, software user guides, computer program listings and factory drawings. Skilled in the diagnoses of circuit operating characteristics using computer query, system peculiar test equipment, and computer diagnostics. Experiences involved isolating problems to the failing part using self-test diagnostics, oscilloscopes, frequency meters, signal generators, digital, and differential voltmeters, computer registers and printouts and other special and standard tools and test equipment. Skilled in removing and replacing components, assemblies, subassemblies, or parts using special and common hand tools, soldering devices and special electronic instruments. Experiences involved modifying and updating avionics pods, support equipment, and support software according to applicable technical publications. Skilled in analyzing program data to determine if the criteria is sufficient to provide adequate testing and troubleshooting. Experienced in the examination of recurring malfunctions and software deficiencies to determine testing voids and initiated corrective action by submission of quality deficiency reports, software deficiency reports or proposed modifications. Skilled in devising repair procedures based on findings and recommending program changes, procedural changes, or data corrections to correct software deficiencies. Experiences included connecting associated testing equipment to interface the test station system to the aircraft system and pod to facilitate maintenance/repair of the pod or line replaceable units from the avionics systems such as, radar, fire control, instrument, flight control, inertial navigation, malfunction analysis and recording equipment systems. Skilled in determining if failures were caused by the unit under test, the pod, the test station, or the test program. Skilled in identifying malfunctions in the unit under test, pod or the test station and isolating it to the specific component(s). Experienced in repairing and replacing solid state devices, micro miniature modules, gyros, sensors, transducers, and any other required parts, and reassembling and performing operational tests. Experiences included working with engineers and technicians in the development and/or modification of software, interfaces, extender equipment or additional items of test equipment and in validation of technical data concerning the repair, maintenance, and test of the test station and units under test. Skilled in initiating technical data changes. Skilled in providing hands-on training instructions to lower-grade personnel concerned with repair of computer controlled automatic test equipment, manually controlled test equipment, line replaceable units and aircraft integrated systems. Experiences included the preparation and participation in various types of readiness evaluations such as, Operational Readiness Inspections, Inspector General Inspections, and Unit Effectiveness Inspections and mobility and command support exercises. May have general knowledge in structural fire-fighting, aircraft fire, aircraft crash and rescue duty, security guard, snow removal, munitions loading and handling, heavy equipment operator, maintenance of facilities and equipment. Skilled in the compliance requirements concerning safety, fire, security, and housekeeping regulations. Experienced in the procedures involved with the proper storage, protection, and maintenance of all work-related material and equipment.


* - Knowledge of electronic theories and practices of integrated electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic, optical, and mechanical systems of such applications as digital or analog computers, digital display devices which enables the incumbent to understand and predict the effects of subsystem malfunctions on the total function system.

* - Ability to apply electronic theories and practices to identify, isolate and repair malfunctions in one or more complex integrated systems where knowledge of the entire system is necessary to interpret error data and trace problems back through a number of units of the system to locate deficiencies.

* - Knowledge and ability to perform complex mathematics including algebra and trigonometric formulas to calculate power relationships, signal phasing, etc., and to solve work related problems.

* - Ability to accurately identify, isolate, repair, align, and adjust complete multi-system complex malfunctions of the aircraft where target acquisition and tracking, weapons control, aircraft attitude control, navigation and other complex functions are performed by numerous systems which are extensively interconnected with data feedback loops.