Thread Grind Mill Operator (2nd Shift)

Circor International Monroe, NC



DIRECT REPORTING: Operations Manager



Position Summary

To set up and operate thread grinding and/or milling machines to rough, finish and semi-finish rotors, shafts, grooves, gears, worms, splines, and screw gears to size, index, form and finish as required.

Principal Activities

* Operate two or more machines to rough and finish grind or mill rotor threads to form, size, index, and finish as required to produce proper contact.

* Operate up to four machines (shaft lathe, thread mill, NCG and a thread grinder) in a rotor cell, while meeting daily throughput demands.

* Check rotors for form using rotor master, form gages, and other measuring devices.

* Make adjustments when necessary to produce proper form

* Operate N.C. controlled machines.

* Use precision measuring instruments such as verniers, micrometers, dial electronic indicators, electronic measuring equipment, gash gages, etc. standard and special gages and templates in order to maintain dimensions, contour, close tolerances and surface finish as required

* Set up roughing and finishing, as well as semi-finishing machines; assemble lead, feed Q and R, ratio and cutter speed gears; assemble work drivers and tail stock center; position and locate steady rest jaws; assemble cutter, set helix angle to obtain proper thread form. Determine cutter and work rotation and rotation of dividing head for proper index; select cutter speeds and set stops. Make trial cuts to obtain correct thread size and form with respect to masters, E.S. (engineering specifications) and verbal instructions.

* Set dial indicator and/or other precision measuring equipment to obtain proper depth, land size, off center, n.w. size, lay back, form, root contour, lead, etc., on finished cuts.

* Operate a number of thread milling machines as required, roughing, finishing and semi-finishing, to mill threads, grooves, gears, worms, and splines in various materials. Work may vary in size but is similar in manner of operation.

* Utilize idle time during the running of the thread forming machines to perform miscellaneous job assignments.

* Recognize and immediately correct, without assistance, for machining difficulties and errors, or cause to have corrected if fault is due to machine tool, equipment or material

* Remove burrs and sharp edges, mark, identify, preserve and protect parts as directed.

* Make master rotors.

* Perform above duties without assistance, except on unusual or difficult jobs only.

* Consistently produce work of proper quality and of properly required quantity

* Perform other related duties as responsibilities necessitate.