Welding Instructor

Louisiana Delta Community College Monroe, LA
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Louisiana Delta Community College seeks an Instructor to teach welding in the evening hours on an adjunct basis. This instructor prepares individuals for employment in the field of welding. Instruction is provided in various processes and techniques of welding including pipe fabrication, structural fabrication, oxyfuel cutting, carbon arc cutting, shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, gas metal arc welding, pipe-welding, plasma arc cutting, blueprint reading, weld symbols, and joints.

Examples of Duties:Professional Duties and Responsibilities: Teaching

* Teach 35 hours per week in the daytime.

* Plans, develops, and uses effective teaching methods and materials which assist students in meeting course objectives, are appropriate for students with diverse educational and experiential backgrounds and learning styles, and engage the students in learning.

* Classes may be day, afternoon, evening, and/or weekends

* Maintain regular office hours, grade records

* Respond to requests for information in a timely manner

* Attend and participate in faculty meetings

* Design and develop curriculum within state and accreditation body guidelines

* Assist in assessment and placement of students in appropriate classes

* Participate in student recruitment, placement, advisement, and serve on college committees

* Identify student learning outcomes: develop processes and tools for assessment; incorporate results in order to modify instruction and materials in coordination with colleagues

2. Professional Development

* Maintains high standards of competence in the discipline(s) and teaching methodologies through professional development activities.

* Reviews, evaluates, reflects, and revises program curricula and teaching methods through a self-evaluation process of self- reflection.

* Meets or exceeds professional standards, state-mandated guidelines, requirements of business/industry, and higher education, as appropriate to the discipline(s).

3. Service

* Actively participates in college meetings and/or committees, task forces, and councils

* Participates in college-related activities such as registration, community education, and recruitment of students, student retention, and faculty selection

* Participates in college activities for students/student organizations to aid in retention

* Participates in business and community activities that foster goodwill and promote the mission and values of the college

* Participates in activities required to maintain program and college accreditation standards

* Participates in setting departmental goals, in developing college budgets that support the goals, and in planning for achieving those goals.

* Promotes and maintains departmental affiliation agreements and other partnerships

* Other duties as assigned

Minimum Qualifications:Position Qualifications: The preferred qualifications for this position are a technical diploma in Welding and 5 years of current experience as a welder. The minimum qualifications for the position are a high school diploma/GED and 5 years of current experience as a welder. The successful candidate must currently hold all industry based credentials required to work in the profession. The successful candidate must also be service-oriented, promote excellence, and embrace a commitment to professionalism. Applicants should have demonstrated commitment to the philosophy and mission of Louisiana Delta Community College. Applicant should also demonstrate sensitivity to the needs of students, faculty, and staff from a variety of backgrounds.