MTCC - Flathead Valley Community College Student Success

Americorps Missoula, MT
2013-14 student FAFSA filings and self-reported data indicate that 88.7% of students enrolled at Flathead Valley Community College (FVCC) are low-income. During 2013-14, 1778 students received some form of financial assistance. 42.4% of enrolled students at FVCC in 2013-14 disclosed that they were first generation college students, meaning neither parent completed a bachelor's degree or higher. The current retention rate of students at FVCC is 58% and the graduation rate is 28%.Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, MT promotes excellence in lifelong learning, focusing on student success and community needs. Research demonstrates that mentoring programs and service learning/community engagement increase student success and ultimately graduation from a college or university, increasing earning capacity of students and moving them out of poverty. FVCC currently has five mentors available on a walk-in basis, meeting the needs of only a small number of students. Expanding this program by involving community partners and campus stakeholders will allow more student to utilize the mentoring programs. Flathead Valley Community College is also challenged, due to lack of human resources, to build systems that will sustain service learning and community engagement experiences for students. The VISTA will help build infrastructure to increase college completion rates among low-income students, increasing their earning potential and moving students out of poverty.

Terms :

Permits attendance at school during off hours , Car recommended , Permits working at another job during off hours . Service Areas :

Community Outreach , Education , Community and Economic Development . Skills :

General Skills , Team Work , Education , Leadership.