Urban Strategies- Heritage Park Literacy VISTA (MLC)

Americorps Minneapolis, MN
Urban Strategies (Urban) transforms historically low-income neighborhoods in cities across the United States, using housing as a platform for sustainable change. In Minneapolis, Urban's work is taking place within a redeveloped, mixed income housing community in the Heritage Park neighborhood of North Minneapolis. While the physical revitalization of the neighborhood has primarily been completed, the majority of residents in this neighborhood remain in great need and are extremely under-served. Urban has created a youth development program called, Green Garden Bakery (GGB) to serve the youth of this neighborhood, and with the support of the Heritage Park Literacy VISTA, this effective program can expand to meet more of the need. GGB's goal is to move youth onto a pathway for lifelong social, emotional, and economic success through academic assistance, enrichment activities, and workforce development. The Heritage Park Literacy VISTA will design and launch new literacy activities for our participants in our afterschool homework help program, specifically geared towards our participants from families where English isn't the primary language spoken at home. Approximately 95% of our program participants live in the Heritage Park Apartments complex, which houses the largest concentration of Public Housing units in the city of Minneapolis. Approximately 70% of the total residents in Heritage Park Apartments live at or below 100% of the poverty line. 45% identify as either Black or African American, 45% identify as foreign born, and the remaining 10% identify as multiracial. Of the residents identifying as foreign born, the majority are either Somali or Oromo. The parents in these households are not native-English speakers, and there is a wide spectrum in the comfort level these parents have when communicating in English. Over half of the youth in programming have lived in the neighborhood at least 5 years, and have been involved in programming since it began in 2010.

Terms :

Permits attendance at school during off hours , Permits working at another job during off hours . Service Areas :

Education , Community and Economic Development , Children/Youth , Community Outreach , Technology . Skills :

Recruitment , Social Services , Public Speaking , Counseling , Conflict Resolution , Communications , Leadership , Non-Profit Management , Community Organization , Writing/Editing , Team Work , Youth Development , Fund raising/Grant Writing , Education.