Nurse Manager - Emergency Department

Hennepin County Medical Center Minneapolis, MN

Within the context of the Hennepin County Medical Center Patient and Family - Centered Care (PFCC) Practice Model, and under general direction, the Nurse Manager performs work of considerable difficulty in planning, organizing, coordinating, evaluating and directing nursing service activities.

Nurse manager provides leadership, implements the vision, mission, core values, evidence based practice, and standards of the organization, and nursing within their defined areas of responsibility.


* Recruits, hires, and evaluates nursing unit staff

* Exhibits leadership behaviors that support staff to take responsibility, authority, and accountability for decision making related to patient care

* Develops, maintains and evaluates systems and processes to facilitate the delivery of patient care

* Assures adequate staffing consistent with patient acuity and assessment of staffing efficiencies

* Monitors and ensures unit staff understands and complies with organizational standards, competency requirements policies, procedures, and regulations

* Establishes and monitors unit based budget and volume statistics.

* Achieves budget compliance through effective use of resources and adheres to productivity standards

* Understands and implements provisions of labor contract

* Supports life long learning for staff by coaching and encouraging involvement in educational and developmental opportunities

* Is accountable for the professional practice environment

* Bases decisions and actions on ethical principles

* Collaborates with nursing staff at all levels, physicians, interdisciplinary teams, executive leaders and other stakeholders

* Creates a caring culture that fosters positive, effective nurse- patient relationships and positive, collaborative interdisciplinary relationships with families, providers and other members of the healthcare team

* Supports and develops medical center and unit based strategies to create, sustain, and nurture patient and family centered care (PFCC)

* Creates an environment of hope, creativity, and inclusion for employees

* Establishes an environment that supports the professional nurse in planning, coordinating and evaluating patient care

* Maintains commitment to Hennepin County Medical Center Mission, Vision and Values; and assures these are practiced and advanced on the patient care unit

* Supports research and evidence based practice and its integrations into nursing and the delivery of healthcare services

* Develops, maintains, and evaluates information systems and processes that promote desired patient, professional and organizational

* Authors unit goals and strategies based upon the organizational plan

* Measures and monitors activities to assure attainment of established outcomes and innovation

* Maintains and demonstrates current knowledge in the administration of health care organizations to advance nursing practice and the provision of quality health care services

* Systematically evaluates the quality, safety and effectiveness of nursing practice, and patient care outcomes

* Develops, maintains and evaluates unit based patient and staff data collection systems and processes to support the practice of nursing and delivery of high quality care

* Provides a healing environment to patients, visitors, staff and providers through maintenance of a organized and clean patient care unit

* Evaluates personal performance based on professional practice standards, relevant statues, policies, organizational criteria, and outcomes achievement


Minimum Qualifications:

New HCMC employees hired as of 1-1-2009 as a Nurse Manager and any current HCMC employees promoted to Nurse Manager after 1-1-2009:

* Master's degree in Nursing related field is preferred

* Must be enrolled and graduate from the Master's program by the date determined by the Director and CNO

* Bachelor's or Master's degree must be in Nursing

* Three to five (3 to 5) years of professional leadership experience (i.e., charge nurse, team leader, preceptor, committee chair, etc.)

* Five (5) years clinical experience

Current HCMC Nurse Managers as of 1-1-2009 without Master's degree:

* Must be enrolled by 12/31/2010 and graduate from the Master's program by 12/31/2015

* Possession of a valid license as a Registered Nurse issued by the State of Minnesota

Preferred Qualifications:

* ED Nursing experience

* Nursing management experience

* Recent acute care/hospital experience