Forensic Scientist II (Field Operations)

City of Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis, MN
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A Forensic Scientist II in the Field Operations section of the Minneapolis Police Department Crime Lab conducts the documentation and processing of crime scenes at all levels; the examination of friction ridge impression evidence; prepares documentation and written reports; and testifies as an expert witness as required. The Field Operations Section is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including holidays.

Federal law requires employees hired after November 6, 1986 to present documentation that establishes identity and employment authorization. The City of Minneapolis and MPD encourage all applicants to apply.

The current vacancy is a non-exempt position in the Minneapolis Police Department.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:• Handle, search, and evaluate the significance of physical evidence and ensure that the necessary examinations are conducted on evidence and that all findings are correctly documented and all aspects of their casework, including section quality assurance requirements are met.

* Provide examinations and/or processing of evidence so accurate, complete results on cases can be reported to investigators or submitting agencies.

* Maintain records and prepare reports on the results of these analysis so the integrity of all analysis is maintained.

* Properly receive, record, and maintain physical evidence submitted to the laboratory so that accurate, complete chain of custody and case information is documented.

* Maintain the chain of custody and properly handle the disposition of all evidence so that evidential integrity is maintained.

* Review case records and prepare for questions that may be posed during court testimony so results are accurately conveyed in court.

* Provide court testimony as an expert witness.

* Read current scientific literature and research in the discipline so the most current methods can be reviewed, and issues identified in the profession can be promptly addressed.

* Participate in professional organizations so information sharing and relationships with colleagues are maintained.

* Process crime scenes as required so legal requirements are met, evidence is located, documented and secured and the scene of a crime is completely and accurately processed.

* Work cooperatively and professionally communicate highly technical information to others as required, including people in the criminal justice community, law enforcement personnel, attorneys, medical examiners and other forensic scientists in the City's Crime Lab.

* Remain respectful and work cooperatively with other law enforcement personnel. Portray a positive, professional image of the Minneapolis Police Department Crime Lab at all times.

* Identify technical problems with existing procedures so quality assurance issues can be addressed promptly and corrected.

* Participate in complex cases, including those involving multiple sections of the laboratory and challenging evidence types so the correct examinations are completed on complex multi-section cases.

* Assist in the training and development of other forensic scientists in the Crime Lab as directed, so others become more knowledgeable and competent in the field of Forensic Science, adding value to the Minneapolis Police Department's Crime Lab.

* Serve as a source of information for other forensic scientists on section procedures and the use of instrumentation.

* Coordinate the flow of evidence and casework through multiple sections of the laboratory.

* Participate and design validation studies of new analytical techniques so procedures and methods meet quality assurance requirements.

* Monitor and assist with the section and laboratory quality assurance programs so quality assurance requirements are met and laboratory accreditation is maintained.

* Conduct independent examinations of evidence, which require a high level of skill in laboratory techniques and the ability to obtain accurate and reproducible results.

* Complete specialized training and competency tests in the examination of evidence submitted to the section, including examinations that involve complex analyses and case types.

* Perform technical and administrative reviews of casework and examinations performed in the section.


Office and field.

Required Qualifications:


Bachelor's degree in a physical science, criminal justice or equivalent


Three years and must have knowledge in at least one of the following areas including but not limited to:

* The interpretation of bloodstain patterns.

* The evaluation of physical evidence associated with shooting scenes (shooting incident reconstruction).

* The evaluation of Conducted Energy Devices (CED) including the collection and analysis of the physical and digital evidence associated with CED deployment.

* The functional testing of firearms and the comparison of a questioned bullet or cartridge case to test fired ammunition from a firearm.

* The manufacturing process of evidence examined such as tools and firearms so class characteristics can be distinguished from identifying characteristics.

* The ability to interpret the significance of patterns and have knowledge of statistics to evaluate the significance of comparative examinations (includes fingerprints and footwear examination).

* The ability to evaluate and process crime scenes and review the scene and evidence with meticulous attention to detail.

* The ability to extract and complete forensic examinations and analysis of digital data, and knowledge of software and hardware equipment necessary to complete these examinations.

* The ability to extract and complete forensic examinations and analysis of video and audio recordings, and knowledge of software and hardware equipment necessary to complete these examinations.


* Valid driver's license.

* Continued employment is contingent upon successfully completing the Minneapolis Police Department's Crime Lab Competency Exam within one year of hire.

* The successful applicant must achieve the IAI Crime Scene Investigator certification and Minneapolis Police Department internal certification within 1-year from date of hire to pass probation.


* Certified by the International Association for Identification (IAI) as a Crime Scene Investigator or higher level.

* Certified by the International Association for Identification (IAI) as a latent print examiner.

* Experience and knowledge in an accreditation process and ISO 17025 standards.


Any one or any combination of an evaluation of related education/experience/screening question responses,oral exam, etc. may be utilized. It is to an applicant's advantage to be as thorough in the online application as possible.

Applications and resumes are screened for completeness and requirements. The City of Minneapolis reserves the right to select and limit the number of candidates at any point in the exam process, based on a review of application materials. Qualified candidates, as determined by Human Resources.

INTERVIEWS for this position are scheduled for May 31, 2018. Selected candidates will be notified within 24 hours of closing the application process. Interviews will be conducted in City Hall - Minneapolis Police Department. Not all applicants will be invited to interview.

This position is represented by the Minneapolis Professional Employees Association.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:• Must be court qualified to provide expert testimony.

* Considerable knowledge of scientific inquiry methods and laboratory techniques as they apply to the forensic science discipline.

* Knowledge of court proceedings pertaining to forensic evidence.

* Strong verbal and written communication skills – including report writing skills.

* Strong knowledge of computer operations in scientific inquiry.

* Ability to maintain effective working relationships with police staff and other forensic scientists.