Tractor Technician

Dayton Freight Milwaukee, WI
Tractor Technicians are to perform maintenance services in which the volume and quality of work is within the acceptably measures standards for a Dayton Freight Lines.

Additional job duties include:

* Effectively perform maintenance and part replacement procedures

* Able to diagnose and repair components of tractors

* Masters troubleshooting skills, combining personal experience with broad knowledge of Electronic Control Module diagnostic programming

* Proficient in the repair of all major power and drive train components

* Effectively and efficiently performs Preventative Maintenance inspections and services

* Repairs and adjusts brake system

* Repairs, adjusts, and aligns suspension system

* Performs collision and body repair service

* Maintains tire pressure program

* Able to effectively test and repair entire truck chassis electrical system. *Dependent upon Class of technician

* Proficient in the disassembly and rebuilding of diesel engines.*Dependent upon Class of technician

* Performs service calls

* Wash and fuel equipment when necessary

* Performs road tests on vehicles to ensure quality repair service is performed. *Dependent upon having a CDL

* Perform other maintenance duties or assignments when necessary

* Consistently positive attitude, interacting courteously and professionally with fellow employees

* Proactively assist, guide and direct junior technicians

* Be aware of all assigned work in the shop and assume responsibility for its proper completion

* Be involved in the daily operations and when asked, fill in during absence of the supervisor. *Dependent upon Class of technician

* Demonstrate professional excellence at all times and be a positive example for others to follow

* Be a leading participant in the care and upkeep of the shop, the grounds and all equipment and tools

* Maintain a clean, safe environment that complies to OSHA and company standards

* Be proficient in recording all work and labor on a computer in Dayton Freight's Equipment Maintenance System

* Reports questionable abuse and unauthorized tampering of equipment to the supervisor

* Works with the Parts Department to assume that all necessary material; parts, service supplies and shop supplies are maintained at proper quantity levels

* Comply with all Parts Department procedures and rules at all times

* Work in compliance to EPA regulations

* Work within all DOT and company safety requirements

* Be responsible to actively participate in any company sponsored continuous improvements