Public Allies

Americorps Milwaukee, WI
During the ten-month apprenticeship, Members are placed at nonprofit organizations and government agencies in capacity-building positions. Service delivered by Members can include: engaging volunteers or developing the support systems to better recruit and manage volunteers; developing a plan and materials to support outreach efforts to potential clients; designing or improving the way an organization promotes programming; conducting a community assets and needs assessment and supporting the development of programming in response to the assessment; developing partnerships to expand or improve programming; and developing ways to measure performance or improve programming based upon performance data. Public Allies provides a powerful Member experience that interweaves the hands-on service experience at placement with rigorous training, opportunity for reflection, and a supportive learning cohort. Public Allies' training curriculum focuses on skills needed for their capacity building positions and our 10+1 Leadership Actions that all Allies learn and practice during their term of service. The curriculum is delivered during half- or full-day trainings on a weekly basis throughout the service term, and pushes each Member to engage with theoretical frameworks,peer problem-solve, and learn new skills essential to their service in communities. Individuals from all backgrounds learn new ways of responding to problems and initiating solutions that encourage shared responsibility, alliance-building, and using existing resources. In addition, the apprenticeship focuses on Members' future plans: participating in a mentorship program; using coaching and an individual development plan to identify steps towards post-service employment; leveraging social networking platform; and participating in key networking and job search opportunities.

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Homelessness , Community and Economic Development , Technology , Community Outreach , Veterans , Neighborhood Revitalization , Elder Care , Health , Ex-Offender Reentry , Housing , Environment , Hunger , Public Safety , Education , Children/Youth . Skills :