Hilton Milwaukee Dishwasher 2nd Shift (Full-time)

Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn Milwaukee, WI
Job Description

JOB TITLE: Steward

DEPARTMENT: Stewarding

SUPERVISOR: Executive Steward, Lead Steward

POSITION PURPOSE: To sort, wash, and return dishes and utensils to food operations throughout the hotel and maintain a clean and efficient work station. Expedite clean dishes and utensils to the cook line and other areas of Food & Beverage on an as needed basis.


1. Properly fill and maintain dish machine according to manufacturer's standards. Maintain cleanliness standards of machine according to health department guidelines. Receive, scrape, rinse, and rack dishes and utensils.

2. Unload dish machine, stack, store, and return dishes and utensils to proper area of kitchen.

3. Empty garbage cans in dish area and throughout kitchen as needed. Maintain dish area including floors, walls, and counter areas within the prescribed standards of the hotel and health department guidelines. Sweep and mop floors in dish room and kitchen. Clean and dry floors to avoid slip/fall accidents and replace floor mats.

4. Transport soiled ware to wash area and return empty trucks to bus area, if an outside function.

5. Perform any general cleaning tasks using standard hotel cleaning products as assigned by supervisor to adhere to health standards.

6. Wipe down counter tops and preparation areas in order to maintain a clean, efficient operation.

7. Restock area with required supplies.

8. Maintain condition and cleanliness of work area.

9. Handle cleaning chemicals according to prescribed safety standards. Practice good safety habits with chemicals, wet floors and other slip and fall hazards throughout kitchen.

10. Assist with the lifting and moving of food carts, dish storage racks and other kitchen equipment as directed by supervisor.

11. Assist with food plate-up for banquets.

12. Set up equipment stations in designated areas so service staff can carry out their functions.

13. Establish bus station(s) in service corridor for efficient operation.

14. Anticipate equipment needs from event order.

15. Support any member of the dishwashing and service staff when needed.

16. Perform other duties as assigned.


1. Ability to tolerate varied working conditions. Work area may be humid and wet. Temperatures sufficient to cause bodily discomfort are possible in dish area.

2. Work is conducted in different areas of kitchen that may have high noise levels from machines, conversations, and other background sounds. Frequent interruptions are likely. Must be able to change activities quickly.

3. Ability to count service ware to ensure wait staff has appropriate count.

4. Lift objects weighing 75 pounds with the ability to push, pull or transport material weighing 150 pounds through crowded area.

5. Must be able to carry objects weighing 50 pounds for short distances.

6. Ability to remain calm under stress.

7. No prior experience required.

8. Basic English communication skills preferred.