AWD Wet Clutch Senior Design Release Engineer

General Motors Milford, MI
* AuthorsStatement of Requirements for driveline components or assemblies.

* Generatestechnical solutions for new driveline components or assemblies.

* Performscomplex design analysis.

* Developsengineering designs (including subsystems).

* Authorsand follows through on EWOs (Engineering Work Orders).

* Implementsengineering changes.

* Specifiesand balances system requirements.

* Plansand implements test and/or development programs of driveline components orassemblies.

* Releasesparts and subsystems for prototype or production.

* Communicates,coordinates, and consults with engineering departments and customers.

* Staysabreast of new technology and competitive products.

* Travelas required to supplier facilities and vehicle assembly plants

* SupportGMs technical expert in the development of component technicalspecifications

* Definesinterface control document requirements for component parts, negotiates andreaches agreement with interfacing components, and works with others to resolveissues

* Performsappropriate component level studies/alternatives, and recommends programdirection based on cost, mass, timing, design for assembly, variation and otherprogram imperatives

* Develops/completesmath model in preparation for design completion at required program phases

* Responsiblefor ensuring complete validation, including establishment of component validationplan

* Supportsengineering activities with other functions (e.g. suppliers, suppliersquality, purchasing) to ensure delivery of product meetingrequirements and imperatives

* Diagnosesand corrects deficiencies using statistical problem solving and quality controlmethods, including support of production launch (Problem Resolution andTracking System)

* Coordinatesand consults with departments outside engineering such as Manufacturing,Powertrain, Electrical, Crashworthiness

* Exhibitsappropriate interpersonal styles and communication methods to work effectivelywith business partners to meet mutual goals

* Specificknowledge of engineering discipline (e.g. mechanics, physics, metallurgy,manufacturing methods, electronics, software, control systems) withinjob-related area

* Knowledgeof engineering software and systems as it pertains to job-related area

* Proficientin working in Vis Mock up.

Required Skills / Experience:

* Extensive knowledge and experience in product release

* 3 to 4 years engineering required; 5-7 years engineering experience in Driveline or Powertrain components/assemblies strongly preferred

* Knowledge of GM's Global Vehicle Development or Global Powertrain Development Process.

* Experience with GM's release systems

Required Education and Training


* DFSS Green Belt Certification