Performance Engineer Midvale, UT
R0002112 Performance Engineer

Job Responsibilities

* Monitor, analyze, and report performance metrics for pre-prod environments.

* Collaborate with teams in finding, isolating, and addressing the source of performance degradation.

* Educate teams on performance optimization techniques.

* Help ensure that applications and infrastructure meet current and future performance needs.

* Automate and enhance performance testing, monitoring, and reporting.

* Train product and engineering teams on tools and methods used to find performance issues and provide best practices on building performant and scalable products.

* Integrate performance testing tools into the continuous delivery pipeline.

* Review business requirements, architectures, and product designs to assess whether performance requirements are considered and quantified.

* Research and implement new technologies and/or products to help diagnose and improve website performance.

* Document and communicate performance standards and help create a "performance is everyone's job" culture.

* Perform other duties as required and assigned by manager and upper management.

* Follow legal policies as directed.

Job Requirements

* 3 years of experience with performance testing, monitoring, analyzing, and tuning web applications and supporting infrastructure.

* Strong written and verbal communication skills.

* Self-starter with the ability to acquire new skills autonomously.

* Ability to write scripts and automate performance tests.

* Ability to effectively use Linux, Mac, and Windows.

* Ability to use browser dev tools to quickly diagnose webpage issues.

* Ability to train others in the use of performance testing and analysis tools.

* Ability to prepare and present reports to technical and non-technical audiences.

* Ability to read and write CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, and SQL is preferred.

* Experience load testing web based applications.

* Experience with JMeter is preferred.


* JMeter



* Java

* JavaScript


* Linux

* Mac

* Windows


Bachelor's degree or U.S. equivalent in Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computers and Information Technology, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, or a related field. In lieu of Bachelor's degree employer will accept 3 years of post-secondary studies in Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computers and Information Technology, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, or related field plus 1 year of experience in testing software applications.


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