Higher Power Electrical LLC. Foreman (21398)

Mammoth Energy Services, Inc. Midland, TX

The Line Crew Foreman is responsible for the construction and maintenance of overhead and underground electrical distribution and transmission systems, substation construction and maintenance, and switching for both distribution and transmission voltages. The position works under the direction of the General Foreman. A Line Foreman is a working foreman responsible for the safety of his crew and for providing field supervision over crews involved in the installation, maintenance, and repair of underground and overhead electric distribution and services lines, transformers, meters, metering equipment, and related equipment. This class is also responsible for performing related duties as required. Work involves moderate physical exertion, heavy lifting, and exposure to inclement weather. The hazardous condition of working with high-voltage energized lines and equipment is a critical factor of this job. The Line Foreman is distinguished from the Lineman class by having responsibility for supervising personnel and overseeing equipment, materials, and recordkeeping duties. This class receives general supervision from the Transmission and Distribution Supervisor who reviews work through reports, meetings, and the evaluation of completed work projects. Work is subject to stand-by, pre-arranged, and call-out duty. Works outdoors in all weather conditions. Walks and works on all terrain, including uneven, rocky or sandy ground. Possesses physical capabilities required to safely operate a motor vehicle, in all driving conditions. Possesses sight, strength and coordination necessary to safely and effectively operate heavy and light equipment and tools. Lifts up to 60 pounds. Climbs poles and works at heights. Duties entail full body exertion, strenuous lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling. Communicates with customers to solve power problems and satisfy electric utility needs. Conducts safety and electric utility related training. Completes reports and forms related to assigned projects. Maintains time reporting records of the crew and approves employee leave. Communicates with customers and safety staff to report major outages, physical changes in lines or switches, serious accidents, and to request assistance. Frequent travel for training may be required. Callouts for overtime work, including storm work, will occur.


The working foreman is responsible for ensuring safety standards for his crew and working closely with the safety manager to set standards and guidelines to create a safety program for all employees. Safety should be the number one priority of any working foreman as he is entrusted with the safety of each employee that he directly supervises. Foremen will be responsible for daily job briefings and ensuring that all crew members are well versed on the coming day's business so they are prepared for any and all potential hazards. It is the foreman's responsibility to report all incidents/accidents to the safety specialist as soon as possible. It is the foreman's responsibility to recognize areas for potential improvement and to report any "near miss" events in order for the crew members to learn from those events with the goal of preventing future accidents.


Inspects the work of Linemen, Linemen Apprentice, and Electric Utility Equipment Operators to ensure compliances with prescribed operating and safety standards. Uses the safety procedures and equipment associated with electrical hazards. Establishes and maintains electric line clearances with other utilities. Installs high-voltage connectors; transformers and switches in manholes and vaults, securing equipment, and cables; and various service lines, power poles, meters, and metering devices. Operates boom and bucket trucks requiring a valid state issued Class A CDL to operate heavy equipment. Operates power-driven machinery, such as hydraulic compression pumps, chain saws, jackhammers, etc. Operates switches and related equipment. Uses common hand tools to construct and maintain overhead and underground power lines. Checks material, equipment and manpower requirements, and conducts pre-job meetings and job safety analysis with crew. Checks time sheets, material stores orders, work order face sheets, constructions sketches, and other reports for procedural accuracy. Contacts customers requesting hold tags, switching changes, or other operating requirements. Meets scheduling and attendance requirements. Installs personal protective grounds. Removes broken or defective conductors. Assists in constructing and wiring electrical high-voltage substations. Installs and terminates underground high-voltage cable between vaults, manholes, and pole risers. Works at heights greater than ten feet (example: in bucket or platform truck) to install equipment or connectors. Climbs ladders, poles, and towers on a daily or continuous basis as required or determined by supervisor. Trims trees around energized electrical power lines.


Extensive experience required. Computer skills necessary.

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