Technician III/GL

Ametek, Inc. Middlefield, OH
Assemble, align, test, and calibrate electro- and/or opto-mechanical sub-assemblies and instrument and systems.

Assemble intricate electro- and/or opto-mechanical assemblies with precision tools and fixtures.

Integrate the electro- and/or opto-mechanical components and assemblies with state-of-the-art computers to perform the final system qualification and inspection. Integrate, test and troubleshoot systems, sub-assemblies and other complex products.

Must be capable of interpreting spatial relationships of assemblies using detailed drawings and be able to work with procedures, parts list, schematics, diagrams, and written or verbal instructions.

Familiar with mechanical and/or optical measuring equipment, meters, oscilloscopes, autocollimators and/or other related test equipment.

Develop assembly and test procedures and manufacturing processes for new products and continue to improve existing ones. Identify problems with documentation and initiate corrections and improvements for new and existing products and methods.

Responsible for meeting the required delivery schedules, standard manufacturing times and quality standards with minimal supervision.

Maintain work area and equipment in clean and orderly condition.

Follow prescribed work and safety rules.

Assist with training entry and intermediate level Technicians.

Perform other similar and related duties as assigned.

Group Lead:

* Service log maintenance and reporting.

* Writing OMSs and ATPs for production.

* Managing inventory week to week.

* Answering detailed customer queries.

* Managing workload to meet production needs.

* Working with Planning to discern shipment bottlenecks.

* Working with Purchasing to help facilitate production.

* Working with Engineering to establish RCCA’s for suppliers.

* Working with Engineering to complete RCCA’s for customers.

* Managing capacity to adjust for shifting production priorities.