Process Engineer
Costa Farms
 Miami, FL

Requisition Number: PROCE02970

Purpose and Scope: Lead process improvement projects in manufacturing facilities to increase productivity, improve effectiveness and create sustainable cultural change. Perform installation of new state-of-the-art automation equipment to re-engineer manufacturing processes. Lead implementation of Japanese’s Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing concepts.


  • Lead process improvement projects applying Toyota Production System techniques to establish continuous improvement and cost savings
  • Lead implementation of Lean Manufacturing projects setting major objectives and goals relative to objectives. Design developmental tools and visual aids to encourage productivity, safety, and quality awareness
  • Develop KPI and dashboard to the process improvements, based on excel and sql tools
  • Conduct appropriate time study observations to create key performance indicators
  • Create awareness of current projects and encourage participation across all affected departments
  • Develop employee certification programs for area leaders
  • Provide analytical and reliable assessments to recommend changes and develop quantitative and qualitative analyses of current and proposed states
  • Effectively implement recommendations through well-developed implementation programs and audit accordingly
  • Train employees to carry out and sustain final recommendations
  • Understand the ERP system to effectively retrieve and manipulate data
  • Facilitate other departments to increase communication and awareness to allow for a better understanding of each decision made and the effect these have on the company as a whole
  • Schedule in small, quick-fix projects when requested that can easily reduce labor and/or material costs
  • Improve the effectiveness of work order and task management in production environments.
  • Perform technical and financial assessment for new equipment and automation opportunities.