Steward Health Care Methuen, MA

Collection of specimens in the Inpatient, Outpatient and Emergency Services locations


Confirms the identity of all patients utilizing 2 patient identifiers (inpatient) or confirming DOB (outpatient). All specimens are labeled in the presence of the patient, meeting labeling standards of the laboratory. Obtains blood samples in adequate amounts, utilizing appropriate tubes and labels. Receives and delivers specimens to the laboratory in a timely fashion.

Properly utilizes the safety devices. Meeting expectations assumes zero needle stick incidents.

Prioritizes multiple requests in order to maximize efficient operation. Responds to STAT requests within 30 minutes.

Effectively communicates with coworkers the status of pending specimens, line collections and difficult collections.

Completes review of draw list at the beginning and end of each shift.


High School Diploma.

Successful completion of phlebotomy training program (with internship).

Experience preferred.

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