Apprentice - A&P Mechanic

Textron Mesa, AZ
Job Summary:

Apprentices will gain hands-on experience while working in one of Textron Aviation's factory-owned Service Centers. They will assist in the repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of airframes, engine systems, parts and components. Apprentices will provide world class service and support for customers in our Service Centers while working side by side with an experienced Service Center technician.

Job Responsibilities (may include, but not limited to):

* Assist mechanics with a variety of mechanical duties on various aircraft models involving diagnosis of malfunctions and required disassembly, rework, repair, replacement, reassembly or adjustment of various aircraft systems to prepare aircraft for flight and delivery to customer

* Utilize equipment such as tensiometers, micrometers, pressure gauges, dial gauges, vacuum gauges, and a variety of hand tools to assist mechanics with repairing or modifying systems or assemblies

* Perform a variety of line service activities for company and customer owned aircraft and general Service Center facilities maintenance

* Maintain watch and meet aircraft on taxi ramp

* Tow, park, and secure aircraft at various ramp and hangar locations

* Inventory and store personal contents as required

* Defuel and fuel aircraft

* Complete fuel usage forms and records

* Position and operate ground power and other aircraft service units

* Perform general cleaning of ramps and service center facilities

* Maintain assigned service equipment and transportation vehicles

* Perform cleaning and routine maintenance checks

* Work in accordance with established safety practices including proper use of personal protective equipment; maintain a neat and orderly work area


* High School Diploma or equivalent and working towards an A&P License

Position Requirements:

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills

* Acts with customer expectations and requirements in mind

* Collaborates and easily gets along in team-based environments

* Valid driver's license

Must be able to obtain and maintain an Airport Security Badge through the local airport authority (if applicable)