ISP Forensic Evidence Specialist D3
State of Idaho
 Meridian, ID

The current vacancy is located in the Meridian Idaho State Police Forensic Laboratory. Forensic Evidence Specialists must possess highly developed interpersonal skills. Incumbents deal with people from all social and economic backgrounds and continually deal with information that is of an extremely sensitive and confidential nature. This position is routinely exposed to biohazards and chemical hazards as well as subject matter that may be extremely graphic in nature; i.e., autopsy photos, body parts, body fluids, and explicit case reports. Individuals may be subpoenaed to appear in court. They are considered experts in forensic evidence management and the consequence of error can impact court proceedings. This position works in a team environment.

All Idaho State Police Forensic Laboratories are accredited by A2LA and to the ISO 17025 Standard. State Police Forensic Laboratories serve state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies; state and county prosecutors; and public defenders.

PLEASE NOTE: The successful applicant will be required to complete a background investigation and polygraph examination, which includes drug screening. Please review the ISP Drug Policy and ISP Grooming and Appearance Standards.

  • Maintain established standards of laboratory cleanliness, safety, and efficiency.
  • Follow analytical methods and the quality and safety procedures.
  • Provide expert testimony when applicable.
  • Report deficiencies to supervisor.
  • Manage, maintain, and handle forensic evidence including drugs, chemicals, biological fluids, blood/semen stained items, guns/ammunition, and objects for fingerprint testing.
  • Manage administrative systems and related support functions for the forensic laboratory office.
  • Assist in the triage of incoming cases for evidence intake and routing purposes.
  • Provide direct support services to forensic scientists and external customers.
  • Develop/maintain administrative office records systems.
  • Provide training to local law enforcement agency staff in operating the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) data entry and tracking system, proper techniques of evidence packaging, receipt, handling, preservation, storage, and reporting in all forensic science disciplines.
  • Provide direct technical assistance to external customers via telephone and in person.
  • Good knowledge of office, record, and data management principles
  • Good knowledge of MS-Windows-based computer operating software programs (database, word processing, spreadsheet)
  • Experience assessing and applying guidance imposed by statute, regulation, policy, or procedure
  • Experience composing and proofreading business correspondence
  • Experience related to customer service and customer communication

Desirable Qualifications which will Provide Extra Credit:

The following are not requirements for this. However, if you do have qualifications/experience in any of these areas include that information in your resume:

  • Experience using spreadsheet software to create and modify electronic worksheets and design and print graphs
  • College chemistry coursework
  • Certification with the International Association of Property and Evidence

Please make sure your resume and personal information contained in your profile supports your answers to the questions.

If you have questions,

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