Associate Sourcing Manager

POSITION OBJECTIVE Assist cross functional teams in delivering on the value equation to drive speed and quality


sourcing strategy

* Supports Manager in setting Sourcing Strategy by communicating business need. Advise on supplier and factory matrix evolution

* Executes COP Strategy/ Supplier Strategy/ Category Strategy/Product-Style needs

* Executes long term vision set by Manager (COP, Supplier)

* Leads the process to reconcile projections by understanding brand plans for matrix, and elevating variances

global vendor partner relationships

* Leads the communication on speed buckets to ensure vendor is informed on capacity needs and timing of commits

* Engages with Manager/vendors to understand factory competency & development

cross functional partnerships

* Drives sourcing strategy execution with CFT

* Supports Manager on seasonal brand matrix process

* Evaluates if business needs are being met by the supplier matrix and communicates to Manager

* Primary Sourcing liaison with Product Management, Design, Logistics etc.

* Executes vendor projections by category/gender/ brand in partnership with Product Managers and translates speed model application

* Supports projections process by vendor/ brand. Tailors to business need and reconciles regularly

* Understands and communicates vendor competency and development (with CFT)

* Influences decision making for Speed through collaboration with Manager & CFT


* Consultant for best practices related to cost guidelines/engineering, vendor & mill selection, sourcing strategy, Fabric first, speed models, factory/social compliance issues

* System SME for onePLM sourcing modules (etc.)



* 3 years of retail, production, sourcing, supply chain management or related experience

* Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite


* Bachelor's degree in Production, Sourcing, Business or related field

* Ability to successfully operate in an international environment

* Line building and/or merchandising experience

special requirements

* Some Travel

ADDENDUMSassociate materials manager

* Communicates Brand material strategies to Manager

* Manages Brand mill matrixand consolidation process (mill, fabric, yarn) . Owns communication internally

* Develops mill plans and projections for capacity needs

* Proposes solutions for business needs within (or outside) matrix

* Assists in monitoring and developing commodity trend, fabric pricing guidelines and competitor activities

* Submits global materials commits and connects liability to owner

* Key liaison connecting fabric R&D needs to mill base, CFT and L&F

* Executes materials commitments

* Drives PD technology improvements related to fabric by highlighting needs and benefits

* onePLM Marketplace key liaison for fabric

This describes general information about the position however should not be considered comprehensive. Our company reserves the right to modify job duties or descriptions at any time. This is not an employment contract.