Assistant - Field services

TDS Telecom Medford, WI

The Assistant - Field Services is responsible for coordination of the Field Services support functions. This involves working closely with Field Services Managers to insure all administrative activity is current and accurate, develop and maintain field equipment inventory and databases, coordinate all orders, maintain purchase orders and distribute equipment tracking reports, perform Plant Record and Trouble/Repair/Dispatch systems tasks, provide support to Field Services teams, and also support project management duties and distribute status of projects to team on a regular basis.


* Performs Inventory & Supplies duties such as repair & returns, orders & processes orders for regulated & deregulated items, tracks regulated & deregulated inventory, maintains appropriate inventory levels utilizing the mailbox and web tools (e.g., Inventory Use & Transfer Application, etc.), Plant Record Systems, SAP and other TDS applications as appropriate. Inventory responsibilities include: warehouse, vehicles, in process orders, repairs & delinquent shipments which includes the physical loading and unloading of all shipments. Establishes and maintains a tracking database, tracks delinquent shipments, tracks TDS projects, and maintains an accurate log of all purchase orders specific to Field Services. This includes working directly with Finance to maintain accurate and appropriate inventory levels.

* Performs Plant Record Systems tasks such as distributes field tasks to appropriate collocates and co-folders, prepares initial Site Survey checklists and sends to dispatch folder. Follows up on installs and retrievals from assigned field tasks. Monitors FSA (Field Services Assistant) order queue and creates projects. Follows up on reports from SAP for open and closed projects.

* Performs Trouble/Repair/Dispatch Systems tasks which includes act as Queue Administrator, runs weekly/monthly performance reports, sets tickets in progress, provides trouble/repair/dispatch ticket and service order information to Field Services Technicians (FSTs) and assigns duties to workforce based on manpower & customer demands.

* Provides single point of contact for Vendors, Procurement and Finance groups & orders equipment using SAP and other methods.

* Supports Field Services teams with miscellaneous duties such as scheduling meetings for team and with vendors, sending all approved invoices to Accounts Payable, scheduling of technicians for coverage areas and cuts, maintenance of dispatch folder, assigning and maintaining logs for test equipment and tools, ordering and canceling access keys, returning equipment, maintaining repair and vehicle logs, updating contact list and all other associated coordinated activities. Additional duties include documenting and tracking all manual bills in assigned territory as well as maintaining records/tracking system including purchase orders, inventory control, vehicle tracking; maintaining office supplies & shipping out items to be repaired; maintaining vacation schedule and FST calendar in assigned territory.


Required Qualifications

* 2 + years administrative support with internal and external customer experience OR current or prior military service with honorable discharge.

Other Qualifications

* Associate degree or higher a plus

* Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and take on increasing responsibilities as they evolve over time

* Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite products; preferably to include Access Database

* Understanding of telecommunications industry

* Understanding of telecommunication products and services

* Ability to adapt to rapid changes

* Excellent interpersonal communication skills (e.g., verbal, written, listening)

* Problem solving skills (e.g., customer complaints, troubleshooting)

* Multi-task management skills

* PC computer skills

* Time management skills


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